Things we know about ice fashion. It’s usually over-the-top. It’s usually sparkly. It usually has some sheer element to it. And (we hate to say it) it’s usually awful. But not today, buckaroos. No way, no how. We’re here with 11 Olympic ladies of past, present, and future who use the rink as their runway. And they refuse to do a triple Salchow unless their frosted fashion is totally on toe-pick point. Get ready for a lot dramatic arm posing below!

1. Kiira Korpi: Rough hardware meets subtle sparkle in this look that the Finnish figure skater rocked back in 2010. (via Kiira Korpi Unofficial Fan Site)

2. Barbara Ann Scott: Canada’s blade running sweetheart had some serious style on the ice back in the ‘40s. We mean, do you see that fur-trimmed skirt? (via

3. Patricia Glescic: Is it just us or does this look like something Beyoncé would have rocked a few years ago. We approve. (via Hanin Society)

4. Christina Gao: To be honest, it was hard for us not to fill this post with white costumes. They’re kind of the crème de la crème on the ice. (via Zimbio)

5. Peggy Fleming: Basically the Jacqueline Onassis of the frozen world. (via Tomato Can)

6. Nancy Kerrigan: The Miss Harding incident aside, this was one Winter Olympics that went down in history. Why? Vera Wang designed this ensemble, and we can’t get enough of it. (via Elle)

7. Michelle Kwan: She’s one of the few performers who has figured out how to keep figure skating outfits from turning into fashion nightmares. Really, her choice of outfits could warrant a dedicated post. (via Fox Sports)

8. Sasha Cohen: Do you guys remember this 2006 headturner? Well we do, and we’re hoping for similarly embellished whimsey this year. (via Chicago Tribune)

9. Surya Bonaly: Whether she was refusing to wear tights, performing illegal backflips, or throwing temper tantrums over winning silver rather than gold, Surya Bonaly and her costumes always had one thing in common. They were bold and made sure they got your attention.(via  iVillage)

10. Sonja Henie: This Norwegian ice goddess lived quite the life. Not only was she a three-time Olympic champion, at the time, she was an actress. But not just any actress, she was the highest paid female in Hollywood. Oh, and she had a high-profile relationship with Liberace. (Umm… yeah.) And the girl knew how to dress. Even on the ice. (via Cosmopolitan)

11. Yuna Kim: Here’s another athlete who could have a post dedicated to her good taste. We’re especially keen on this lemongrass-yellow number worn by the Korean hopeful. (via Queen Yuna)

What do you think of ice fashion? Take it easy in the comments below.