Remember two years ago when the Summer Olympics were in London and all we could talk about was Ryan Lochte’s grill, Ursain Bolt’s very fitting name, and Gabrielle Douglas just impressing the crap out of us? Well, get ready for a whole new round of inspiration of the snowier and colder variety.

This year, you better believe we’ll be screaming, “USA! USA!” louder than ever. The 2014 Sochi Olympics is seeing the largest tribe of US athletes in history (230 superstars to be exact). And while favorites like Shaun White, Lolo Jones, and Patrick Kane will be showing up, we’re ready to throw one massive party for soon-to-be household names like ski jumping maniac Sarah Hendrickson, brother and sister hockey dream team Phil and Amanda Kessel, and the youngest ever member of the US men’s luge team, Tucker West.

While they perform their hearts out, we’ll be toasting them with food, drinks, and medal-worthy merrymaking. Enough talk. Let the party-planning games begin.

1. Cheetos Torch: This is by far the best and easiest Olympic torch we’ve ever seen. Buy ice cream cone, fill with cheesy puffs, hand to friends, listen to the crowd go wild. (via Living Well Spending Less)

2. Gold, Silver, Bronze Hot Chocolate Bar: Considering the temps over in Russia, a hot chocolate bar seems like a must… especially if you plan on keeping the theme gold, silver, and bronze and spiking those cups with Goldschlager. (via Hostess with The Mostess)

3. Plates: Print out a Olympic appropriate pattern, cut it into a circle, paste onto plates, and you’ve got yourself instant themed tableware with a lot less waste. (via The Adventures of MNMs)

4. Table Runner: Grab a paper towel roll, some contemporary-color paints, and a sheet of paper. You’re ready to have a table runner that you hardly busted your butt for. (via Homey Home Design)

5. White Russian Ice Cream Sandwich Sliders: Edible hockey pucks laced with White Russian flavors? Score! (via Jeanna Benedict)

6. Veggies in Gold Tins: In case seeing all those ripped bods has you thinking twice about picking up another ice cream sandwich, fill the gap with super-athlete-approved roughage. (via Moore Minutes)

7. Figure-Skating-Inspired Dress ($106): If you’re like us, you’ve always wanted to wear a figure skating costume… not to mention wanting to be able to do a triple axel without batting an eye. This is the closest most of us will get. We’re sure your friends will appreciate you reenacting highlights TV-side while wearing this.

8. Nail It: This inspiration was created for the 2012 Summer Olympics, but we think it’s appropriate to repurpose them with a little Russian flair for 2014. (via 10 Blank Canvasses)

9. Frozen Torch: And because you can’t have too many torch-themed foods, here’s another option. (via Pink Pistachio)

10. Masking Tape Installation: This is the easiest, awesomest way to make an Olympic Ring art installation in your house. (via Cody Hamilton)

11. Olympic Rings Cake: If this flaming gold confection doesn’t have them rising to their feet in respect, it’s simply bad sportsmanship. (via Moore Minutes)

12. Moscow Mules: The name. The bronzy cup. we feel like this drink is a no brainer to get your party started. (via Coastal Bride)

13. Stir Sticks ($59): And to stir those medal-winning drinks?

14. Epic Photo Booth: If you make this baby, please call us to come to your party. Olympic rings, an award podium, and array of props. You really do go for the gold, don’t you? (via Vox)

15. Red, White, And You: Show your pride, but please: Stay stylish. (via MSN Style)

16. Oreo Medals: Because all of your friends are winners in your book, you will present them with gold Oreo medals. And yes, that is a Fruit By The Foot ribbon thank you very much. (via Life Is Better Messy Anyway)

17. Donut Rings: There are several reasons we were never destined for the games. Donuts being one of those many, many, many reasons. (via Whatever Dee Dee Wants)

18. Flag Eyes: Do you guys remember this totally incredible fashion shoot done by Swedish fashion retailer NK for the 2012 Summer Olympics? It’s still fresh in our mind. And we’re going to try to recreate this look with a more Americana angle. (via Trend Hunter)

19. Champion Beer Pong: By now you’re preparing your table, right? (via Hello Giggles)

20. Go USA Knit Gloves ($14): Best. Party favor. Ever.

Are you throwing a Olympic-sized party? Let us know in the comments below!