If we asked you right now how many stores, online accounts and restaurants you used your credit card for, would you know? Don’t worry, we’re not keeping track either (though we’re guessing it’s in the hundreds, eek). And usually not knowing is fine. Until, however, there’s a major security breach, a leak or a hack and suddenly all your accounts are jeopardized.

That’s where Final comes in. Final is a credit card and mobile app that eliminates the necessity for one single credit card number. That number printed on your card is usually what hackers and identity thieves steal from you. And it makes sense that they would. It’s tracked on literally every transaction you make with that card.

Final totally throws this system on its head by creating a card that generates a new number every time you use it. It eliminates all the hassle a cancelled card would bring along with it if there was fraud or theft. Whether you use the card on Amazon, at a macaron shop or for groceries, you’ll get a new number each time, making it even harder for thieves to snag your card.

And the best part is even if your card does get hacked through an account, Final will automatically cancel the number associated with it and generate a new one. No hassle, no calling banks, no needing a new card.

The corresponding app helps you keep track of everything, and the card itself is also pretty gorgeous. So if this is the future of credit card use, we’re ready to cash in.

Would you trade your credit cards for Final’s new way to pay? Tell us in the comments below!