“This year, I’m going to start cooking more and eating healthier.” Sound like a familiar resolution? While it’s easy enough to say, it’s actually pretty hard to go from dining out almost everyday to being a master at preparing your own food.

To help you with this transition, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best grocery delivery services, all powered by our old pal the Internet! Not only do these services help you with shopping for groceries, but many provide recipes, cooking tips, and help reduce waste. Ready to get cookin’?

1. Plated ($10-$15 per meal): Plated addresses a problem a lot of us have. Sometimes we need certain ingredients, but grocery stores only sell it in certain amounts, resulting in wasted money and spoiled food. After all that, we still have to prep all the food! This is where Plated comes in. You choose a meal online, they send you pre-measured amounts of each ingredient, and a step by step recipe guide with chef tips to help you create the meal. This is perfect for those who want to start off with cooking a few meals a week, without the waste.

2. Pop Up Pantry ($17 per person): Pop Up Pantry is similar to Plated, except they focus on helping you create a 3 course, gourmet meal. Login to create a taste profile, and they’ll give you meals to choose from accordingly. After you pick your meal, they send you the ingredients, step by step instructions, printed menus, and also wine pairing tips. Meals like wild boar ragu with truffled polenta or portobello wellington are perfect for when you’re trying to impress your date on Valentine’s Day ;).

3. Luke’s Local (varies): Want some groceries, and also some pre-made food? Then Luke’s Local is perfect for you. You can tell from the name that Luke’s Local focuses on sourcing fresh, local ingredients. What’s unique about Luke’s Local is that not only do they provide groceries with each Meal Box, like a CSA, but they also include some pre-made meals and snacks. They also have different meals for different diets — including omnivores, vegetarians, and gluten sensitive diets.

4. Blue Apron ($10 per person, per meal): Blue Apron is another subscription meal service, but instead buying one meal a la carte, you buy by the week. Each weekly subscription includes 3 perfectly proportioned meals delivered for free. Like the other delivery services mentioned above, the ingredients are provided, but cooking is up to you! Fortunately, you’ll never need any fancy cookware besides the basics.

5. Full Circle (starts at $21 a week): Looking for fresh, organic produce every week? Full Circle is a CSA that delivers locally sourced, organic foods weekly. You can skip weeks without any charge, and we like how they have multiple different sized boxes. Usually CSA boxes come in one size, but you can order a sprout size box (serves 1-2 people) or the full harvest box (serves 3-5) people.

6. Peapod (varies): Looking to buy groceries while you’re waiting during your commute? Peapod helps you do that! Peapod was the first company to pioneer virtual, interactive grocery stores on train platforms, so that you can ensure even your commute time isn’t wasted! What’s great about Peapod is that not only do they have these virtual grocery stores, you can also shop online or with using your phone with their app. Or, if you’re in the mood to actually go to the store, you can order online and pick it up in person. Peapod really does it all.

7. FreshDirect (varies): FreshDirect, one of the originals. Started back in 2002, FreshDirect is grocery delivery, plain and simple. What’s great about the company is that it has a huge assortment of groceries, and they focus on fresh and sustainable foods. We especially like how the website tells you how long your foodstuffs will last, and when the best season for the item is.

8. Amazon Fresh (varies): It’s Amazon for groceries. Need we say more?

9. PostMates (starting at $7): Need groceries in a jiffy? Postmates is a mobile app that has someone buy and deliver your groceries, all under an hour. If you want more than just groceries, your Postmate can also pick up food from restaurants in the area. What’s even better is that you can actually get to know your Postmate. A photo, experience level, and number of jobs is all listed for your Postmate.

10. Instacart (starting at $4): If you don’t mind waiting a few more hours (3) and would rather pay a little less for delivery than PostMates, then check out Instacart. Like PostMates, it’s a mobile app grocery delivery service. If you’re a loyal Trader Joe’s fan, then Instacart is the mobile app for you as they mainly shop with Trader Joe’s and Safeway.

With all these services, even we’re convinced to go fully digital with our grocery shopping. What service piques your interest the most? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.