Find Out What Kendall Jenner Would Wear from Target’s Latest Collab
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Find Out What Kendall Jenner Would Wear from Target’s Latest Collab

Though Kendall Jenner may be an expert at super-chic home style and walking the runways in the slickest, sleekest styles, her streetwear style is just as effortless and cool. But while Kendall may be dropping big bucks on designer brands, it’s totally possible to recreate her looks in a way that’s much friendlier on your wallet. The folks at Who What Wear — who currently have a collab on sale with Target —  took it upon themselves to analyze a few of Kendall’s latest outfits and pick items from the Target collection that are more or less identical to Ms. Jenner’s wares.

Check out these bargains from Target’s Who What Wear collab, and then see how they match up with Kendall’s originals.

Get a dash of Kendall’s summer style with your own Straw Boater Hat ($15) that will give you the same shade as the lid that the Jenner sister likes to sport during the sun-filled season.

If the day is slightly cooler, add a Women’s Bomber Jacket ($35) that will give you the same vibe as Kendall’s Givenchy piece at a fraction of the price.

A simple Linen Tee ($18) is what’s needed to go under your new bomber jacket to make the look as comfy as it is stylish.

Add a little flair to your outfit with a Printed Neckerchief ($15), which is a favorite accessory of Kendall’s, though she opts for much pricier pieces like the super-similar Rockins Snakes Super Skinny Scarf ($128).

Top off your outfit with the perfect bottoms by grabbing yourself a very Kendall-like pair of Crop Flare Denim ($35).

If the bomber jacket isn’t quite your style, try the casual-yet-chic Frayed Edge Jacket ($40).

…or the weather-appropriate Drapey Trench ($50).

Finish things off with a Crossbody Bag ($30) to hold your wads of cash and limitless credit cards, just like Kendall, or just your change and a pack of gum, if you don’t happen to be a millionaire mogul-in-the-making.

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(h/t Who What Wear; photos via Mike Coppola/Getty)