Iris Apfel is the OG #girlboss. Kelly Osbourne made the look millennial. Now Rihanna is rocking it on the red carpet. But no matter how effortlessly others sport gray hair, what’s a girl to do when she spots a silver strand of her own? Even if you love switching up shades and can deal with any hair dilemma, everything changes when Mother Nature becomes your colorist.

Don’t Despair


Are you in a panic over the new hue in your ’do? For many, the first gray hair is a much-dreaded milestone. But fresh-faced beauties like Kate Middleton and Coco Rocha are proving that we really can have it all: grays, grace and gorgeousness. Yes, we’re still mere mortals — but look at the company we’re keeping!

Get to the root of the issue


Why gray? Why now? Take a step back and track down the culprit. There is (possibly) some truth to the notion that stress can cause premature graying. According to Byrdie, other causes could include a vitamin B deficiency or illness. In most cases, though, it comes down to your genes. If your parents’ #TBT photos feature silvery tresses, expect your color to change over a similar timeline.

Go into maintenance mode


If you’re less than eager to show off your newest strands, there are plenty of temporary fixes to try at home. What not to do: pluck. (Next to impossible, we know.) No, a lapse in willpower won’t cause the strands to multiply. It may, however, damage the follicle and lead to thinning over time.

Instead, try a root concealer. Whether your prefer a spray ($25), powder ($35) or touch-up pen ($23), you’ll find easy ways to coax stray grays toward your original hair color. While you’re at it, invest in an ultra-moisturizing conditioner ($48) too — grays can be infamously dry and brittle.

Pull a disappearing act

When it isn’t practical to address each silver strand individually, you’re best off with a trip to the salon. Semi-permanent dyes — perfect if you just have grays here and there — coat your locks with color for six to eight weeks and then subtly wash out. Even just adding a few highlights will help the rogue hairs blend in.

Dive in headfirst

Gray Hair IG

If you’re open to switching up your color completely, this is the perfect opportunity to go all in. From charcoal and dove to silver and dusty lilac, smokey shades are now go-to hues for the fashion set. Go ahead and make the color your own. While everyone else is constantly refreshing their tresses, yours will only get better with age. (Photo via @mizzchoi)

What’s your take on going gray? Share your tips, tricks and thoughts in the comments below.