Have you noticed more mature women are getting plenty of spotlight lately? Iris Apfel is no exception. This 93-year-old style icon leads the pack of sartorial 65+-year-old women who show us there鈥檚 a lot to look forward to in life, no matter your age. We鈥檙e sharing eight of Iris鈥檚 fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips that make us extra excited to watch the upcoming documentary film based on her life, Iris.

Style + Beauty Advice


1. Signature Eyewear: We can鈥檛 talk about Iris without mentioning her trademark eyewear. Her glasses might look super expensive, but she told The Coveteur that she found them at a flea market, and she wears them with or without lenses. She鈥檚 not the only celeb who is a big fan of thrifting.

2. Red Lipstick: Her favorite shade of lipstick is bright red 鈥 actually, she describes the shade as 鈥渧ery, very, bright, bright, bright red,鈥 to The Coveteur. Whether you鈥檙e going for a vampy look or classic glamour, there鈥檚 a red lipstick shade for everyone.

3. Age Ain鈥檛 Nothing but a Number: Iris doesn鈥檛 believe that women of a certain age should be limited in what they want to wear or how they style themselves. Instead, she tells Harper;s Bazaar, 鈥淲ear what鈥檚 appropriate for what you鈥檙e doing, how you live and what your lifestyle is.鈥 We couldn鈥檛 agree more.

4. Flea Market Lover: The greater part of Iris鈥檚 style comes from various flea markets. She finds the most outrageous, one-of-a-kind pieces of fabric, clothes and accessories from flea markets and puts them all together for one iconic look. She proves you don鈥檛 need to drop a ton of cash to look like a style icon.

5. Fashion Diversity: For Iris, the fashion world鈥檚 attitude about age hasn鈥檛 changed fast enough. She told the New York Times that designers should address the 65+-year-old market, and not just the younger crowd. With the power of expendable income, the 65+ market has infinite possibilities for growth. We鈥檇 love it if Instagram was filled with #ootd snaps from all ages.

Life Advice


6. Eat Healthy: She told Style.com that she never eats junk food, never drinks soda and don鈥檛 smoke anymore. She drinks an alcoholic drink lightly now and then. While we鈥檙e not quite ready to kick our margaritas to the curb, we are all about the clean eating.

7. Embrace Clutter: Iris would disagree with KonMari. She keeps her house filled with treasures. 鈥淚 love clutter. I think being totally minimal shows a lack of history and soul, and I find it sort of pitiful,鈥 Iris dishes to the New York Times. She also expressed the importance of displaying personality at home to The Coveteur, saying, 鈥淲hile some of these homes are very beautiful, they look anonymous to me. They could be suites in very expensive hotels, but they don鈥檛 tell you who lives there.鈥

8. Humor is Key: Humor is everything, especially in fashion and lifestyle. Iris dresses with a sense of humor and is all about pushing herself every day, living positively in the moment and forgetting about everything else that is going on. Iris鈥檚 focus on enjoying the life she lives is something we aspire to.


What did you think of Iris鈥檚 fashion and lifestyle tips? What do you look forward to seeing in her upcoming film? Tell us in the comments below.

(Photos via Larry Busacca, Rob Kim, Monica Schipper/Getty)