We’ve all been there. “Hmm, can I park here?” you ask yourself/the all-knowing parking gods. Said gods are busy helping someone parallel park so you answer: “Sure!” Then the next time you go to get your car, there it is: a ticket. Thanks a lot, parking gods.

For San Francisco drivers (represent!) there’s now an answer for your parking ticket prayers: Fixed, an iPhone app that helps you fight the ticket. Fixed fits a team of experts in your pocket who know the city’s parking rules like you know what your ex’s new girlfriend is up to on Facebook. They will take a look at your ticket and tell you what your chance of beating it is. It’s easier than Instagram-ing a selfie! You just take photos of your parking ticket and car, then upload them to the app.

Your chances of getting to rip up the ticket and throw it in the air like confetti in celebration may be better than you expect — up to 50% of tickets are dismissed when challenged. But since challenging a ticket takes time and money, the app can save you both. There’s no fee to contest the ticket and you’ll only pay 25% of the cost of your ticket to your Fixed advocate if you win.

No shocker here, Fixed is in high demand right now (Could it have anything to do with these SF parking fine increases? #Oy.) so you’ll probably be on the waitlist for the moment. But signup, refer a few Facebook friends and they’ll move you up!

In the meantime… may the parking gods be with you!

Do you need Fixed ASAP? Have you ever used your phone to get you out of a ticket or similarly sticky situation? Share any parking ticket horror stories below — we can probably commiserate.