We’ve all been there—you’re on vacation and the zipper on your suitcase gets busted, or the zipper on your favorite dress or sweatshirt ends up with a broken pull. The worst, right? Well, not for much longer, all because of a little gadget named the FixnZip.

Looks like a regular old zipper pull doesn’t it? Basically it is, but what makes it different is the round knob in the middle. That knob allows you to attach this zipper pull to any zipper. Any of them. No matter what it’s closing. (Can you tell we’re excited abou this one?)

There are two different kinds of zippers—traditional and invisible/watertight. The FixnZip works on both kinds, you’ll just need to position it differently. (For traditional, the knob faces out, and for invisible the knob faces in.) The only other designation you’ll need to make is what size FixnZip will fit on your garment or luggage. You can choose a size from small to extra large, and the FixnZip site has a guide to how to choose the right size.

They also have easy to follow instructions for how to attach the FixnZip to your luggage, jacket, tent, purse, and more.

We’re planning to check our luggage zipper sizes and a few of our other wardrobe essentials, and order the appropriately sized FixnZips to keep on hand. How about you? What do you think of this product? Tell us in the comments!