When you think of shipping a lamp from one place to another, you probably think of it arriving in pieces, either by design, in carefully-packed boxes or by accident, after a few too many bumps and bruises in transit. But a Swedish brand called Kovac Family has come up with a brilliant and beautiful way to ship their sleek, modern lamps around the world without ever worrying about them breaking. That’s because their lamps are each made with 25 pieces that arrive arranged in a flat stack and quickly fan out into a lamp resembling a nautilus shell.

Made from three FSC-certified wood options — ash, birch or oak – the environmentally friendly lamp is named “25,” appropriately enough, after its number of components. Whether you’re hunting for a nontraditional nautical-themed accessory or you’re hoping to add some more eco touches to your home, this lamp has you covered.

Better still, all proceeds go to the brand’s biomimicry project, which aims to produce sustainable light through biomimetic methods without the use of fossil fuels. What an excellent way to shine a light in the world.

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(h/t Design Milk, photos via Kovac Family)