Think you’ve nailed the vertical garden? You haven’t seen anything yet. The “Floating Flower Garden” in Tokyo, Japan is an immersive, interactive installation that consists of over 2,300 blooms. Enter the room filled with floating flowers, and, as you walk toward them, the stems rise into the air creating a space within the floral forest.

Multiple visitors can move through the installation as the flowers surround them in a magical version of hide and seek where you can literally become one with the garden. Instead of leaning down to smell the flowers, these blossoms come to you.

The plants in this installation are a unique form of orchid that don’t require any soil and seem to thrive just fine in their upside down environment. According to the artists, the scent of each flower is intensified when it’s pollinated, meaning the room’s fragrance changes throughout the day.

The best thing about this flower jungle is that all the plants are alive and growing. If you are inspired to add some vertical greenery, check out an easy DIY air plant garden or you could get a geometric mobile for your plants.

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(h/t Team Lab)