Spring has sprung, and while some parts of the country may not be feeling the effects of the vibrant season *just* yet, there is a hack for that 鈥 flowers. If they鈥檙e not growing from your garden, you can always pick up a bouquet to give your home or office that much-needed post-winter indoor garden feel. After selecting the perfect bunch to accompany that springy wallpaper you just DLed, we have a cheat sheet on how to keep your pretty petals blooming for longer than your latest bingewatching spree. The folks from Serenata Flowers gave us an exclusive sneak peek at the ultimate infographic that has all the tips needed to keep your flowers looking fresh forever.

1. Keep Flowers Well-Groomed

Just like you, flowers need some manicuring. After deciding on your beautiful bounty, cut the stems correctly (half an inch + slanted) then get to arranging those studs before they splash down in water.

2. Harden the Flowers

Bet you didn鈥檛 realize flowers should be placed in 110掳F water. Us either. But the more you know, right? By placing your stems in warmer than body temp H2O, you鈥檙e allowing the flowers to get their hydration on. Strong stems equals strong flowers.

3. Preserve Flowers With Hairspray

You better believe the stiffening spray from aerosol cans you used (or still use) provides the same effect on those blooms. Spray the petals + hang 鈥檈m upside down with the stuff. Before you know it, you鈥檒l be looking at so-gorgeous-they-look-fake buds.

4. Don鈥檛 Mix Flowers With Fruit

Although fruits + flowers look gorgeous together in photos, they shouldn鈥檛 be hanging together like BFFs all the time. Many fruits can cause your gorgeous bouquets to rot, leading you to tears 3

5. Keep Flowers Well Fed

DIY soda or store bought preservatives are great options for your vase fillers鈥 hunger pains. Pour a concoction into the vase and whet that appetite.

6. Clean Your Vases

So. Many. Vases. So little time. Whichever (or however many) you choose, keep 鈥檈m clean to keep those fleurs thriving.

7. Keep Flowers Away From Appliances

While this may be a DUH moment for many, sometimes we can鈥檛 help but liven up our desks or entertainment stations with a vase or two. Sadly, by adding some floral accents to our tech devices, we鈥檙e slowly killing 鈥檈m. So keep your buds hydrated in a cool spot with plenty of light and they definitely won鈥檛 be pushing up daisies.

How do you get your flowers to stay fresh longer? Let us know in the comments.