Whether it’s summer, winter or spring, you’re the girl always rocking those pretty floral dresses and the one constantly suggesting Floral Fridays at the office (yeah, that’s a thing!). From embroidered denim to silk-screened shirts, if it’s got flowers on it, you’re *all* over it. Just when you thought you couldn’t find another way to proclaim your flower obsession, we’ve found the inks that prove that florals aren’t just a print, they’re a way of life. Whether you’re looking for minimalist blossoms or swoon-worthy watercolor tattoos, the 11 floral arm tats below are the *perf* ink to show that you and florals have an endless love.

1. Lotus: In some cultures, the lotus is viewed as a divine symbol of spiritual awakening. Put your zen energy on display with an eye-catching ink. Whether it be spiritual or just plain beautiful, this tat is sure to make a statement.

2. Dandelion: You see the beauty in everything. While many typically view dandelions as garden pests, these “weeds” also pose as a vibrant and sweet addition to any landscape.

3. Earth + Flower: In Greek, the word “iris” stands for the link between heaven and earth. Rock a floral tat with a deeper meaning with this iris + Earth tattoo.

4. Rose of Sharon: Aloha! Get a Hawaiian-inspired tat with your BFF with the rose of Sharon. It’s perfect for showing that you two are always in that island state of mind.

5. Cherry Blossoms: Whether you’ve been to Japan or aspire to journey there, you can give your arm a sweet cherry blossom tat that shows the world your love of travel (and pretty flowers!).

6. Iris: The goddess Iris was said to be a personified rainbow. Display your rainbow obsession on the DL with a color-embracing iris tattoo like this one.

7. California Poppy: California knows how to wow in the flower department. Flaunt your California love with a minimalist touch by rocking a small and simple California poppy tat like this one.

8. Lavender: Is there anything more soothing than the sweet aroma of lavender? Sport a lavender tattoo as a constant reminder to keep calm and floral on.

9. Scissors + Flowers: Calling all hair stylists! Give your professional tat a romantic aesthetic by pairing your sheers with some feminine florals.

10. Tulip: Get a tat that shows off your family origins. From Turkey to the Netherlands, this traveling blossom has its roots in many different cultures.

11. Bouquet: Who can resist a freshly picked floral bouquet? Rock one on your arm to show why you love flowers (because they’re pretty, duh!) and flaunt their bright colors and delicate movement.

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