Maybe you’ve sworn you’d never get a tattoo, but after seeing these beautiful watercolor tattoo creations by the artist Silo, you may have to change your mind. Working out of one of the two Aro Tattoo studios in Seoul, Korea, Silo’s tattoos are truly works of art… and definitely inspo for anyone in search of tattoo ideas. They don’t even look like tats, just beautiful paintings that happen to be on your body instead of a canvas.

Silo has over 12,000 followers on Instagram, but his popularity comes as no surprise: He totally reinvents typical tattoo expectations. Instead of hard edges, you get soft lines. Instead of dark colors, it’s all about beautiful spring pastels. And no skulls around here; Silo’s main subjects are adorable cats, flowers, butterflies and other sweet creatures. On the studio’s website, Aro Tattoo said customers are encouraged to send through the design first before collaborating with the artist to create the piece. Take a look at these gorgeous flowers below.

watercolor tattoo flower
watercolor flower tattoo

Seriously, these tattoos are absolutely exquisite. Look at the detail!

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(Photos via @tatooist_silo)