Everyone loves flowers, especially in the springtime, so why not create your own fragrant tea with edible flowers and floral ice cubes?

Brew in the sun and freeze your favorite flowers into ice cubes and you’ll have the prettiest and most fragrant tea ever. Perfect for spring parties or just a relaxing afternoon tea. In fact, this refreshing beverage just might have you wanting to throw a Tea ParDIY!

Ingredients for the tea:
 – lemon peel of three small lemons

– 2 tsp of lavender

– 1 teaspoon of thyme

– handful of fresh mint leaves

– coffee filter

– baker’s twine or string

Ingredients for the floral ice cubes:
 – edible flowers like roses, lavender, hibiscus, chamomile, or violets

– sphere ice cube makers

We’ll start with the tea.

You can make flower tea with many combinations of herbs, spices and flowers. It’s all about personal preference. Simply head to your spice shop or market and pick your favorite ingredients. We went with Lemon, Lavender & Mint Tea, perfect for spring.

The serving size is about one gallon (size of a pitcher), but you can adjust depending on what tea strength is preferred. Feel free to change or play around with the amounts. If you love lavender, add more. Place all ingredients inside the coffee filter. Tie the coffee filter into a bundle and place in pitcher or glass. Staple a small piece of cardstock to the end of the twine as a counterweight.

Fill a pitcher with warm water and let sit in a very sunny window for a few hours. The darkness of the tea will depend on the ingredients and brew time, but even a light-colored tea has a lot of flavor & fragrance.

While the tea is brewing, it’s time to make flower ice cubes. Not sure what flowers are okay to use? Roses, lavender, hibiscus, chamomile, violets, sunflowers and pansies are all great options. Mint, verbena, thyme, basil and any fruit can also add another delightful flavor to your tea.

Add edible flower petals to an empty ice cube tray (we love this sphere-shaped ice mold), fill with water and freeze. Be sure to only use organic flowers that haven’t been sprayed with harmful pesticides – you can always ask your florist if you’re nervous about which flowers to pick.

How gorgeous do these flower spheres look?!

Add a little sugar and turn your flower sun tea into a sweet tea. Or, choose a floral honey like orange blossom or wildflower to kick it up a notch. We love the idea of creating a whole bunch of different floral combinations and giving tea sets out for Mother’s Day or any other occasion.

Take your new concoction outdoors and enjoy. The fragrance of the tea and ice cubes will cure any stress or worry.

What tea combinations will you create? Maybe rose hibiscus or lemon verbena safflower? Talk to us in the comments below.