Some people are just born with flowing healthy hair (a la shampoo commercials) or that spot-free glowing skin we covet. But we mere mortals are just making sure we’re avoiding haircare and skincare problems and are actually starting to learn how to stay healthy from the inside out. Thankfully, eating your way to strong hair and a picture-perfect complexion is pretty darn simple. We talked to two top nutritionists, and they shared seven foods you should start eating more of RN.

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1. Eggs: “Eggs are a good source of protein and biotin (one of the B vitamins),” says Lisa Hayim, registered dietitian and founder of The Well Necessities and TWN Collection. “We need biotin to activate the protein/amino acid metabolism in the roots of the hair. Biotin deficiency, which is rare, can leave hair feeling weak and brittle.”

2. Omega-3s: “Emphasize getting enough essential omega-3 fats from seeds (particularly flax, chia and hemp), walnuts and soy foods in your diet,” suggests Julieanna Hever, a plant-based dietitian and author of The Vegiterranean Diet. “These healthful fats moisturize skin and hair from the inside out.”

3. Avocados: As if we needed another excuse to indulge in one of our fave foods. “No surprise that this superfood contains many of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fatty acids needed to keep your hair strong,” says Hayim. Need some #AvoInspo? Look no further.

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4. Foods Rich in Vitamin C: Talk about clean eats for your bod, locks and skin: “Vitamin C-rich foods promote collagen growth, which is crucial for strong hair and nails, as well as healthy skin. Find vitamin C in fruits and vegetables — especially strawberries, bell peppers and citrus,” Hever says.

5. Greek Yogurt: “Greek yogurt is loaded with pantothenic acid, another one of the B vitamins,” offers Hayim. “This vitamin helps with widening blood vessels to increase blood flow, which can go up to the scalp and stimulate hair growth.” Now, go ahead and use the leftovers for a DIY face mask!

6. Guava: “This exotic fruit is loaded with vitamin C — even more than you find in oranges,” says Hayim. “Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble vitamin. Your body can’t make it on its own and it can’t store it, which means you need to be consuming it each day. It plays a critical role in collagen production and free-radical damage, which is important for healthy skin and for absorbing iron. If iron is not absorbed, a deficiency can occur and hair loss can result,” Hayim says. Yikes. Pass the Guava, please!

7. Foods in the “ROY” Part of the Rainbow: ROY G BIV your way to a better complexion. “Foods colored in deep reds, oranges and yellows, such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, papayas and watermelon, are chock-full of carotenoids, powerful phytochemicals that bring color and glow to your skin,” Hever explains. And besides, eating these vibrant, bold hues makes for a gorgeous meal.

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