We love avocado (and it鈥檚 not just a summer crush). But smearing it on toast day in and day out, year-round 鈥 even if it鈥檚 a fancy avocado toast recipe 鈥 can definitely lead to some鈥 well, boredom in the relationship. It happens! But if you鈥檙e not quite ready to move on to, say, sweet potato toast, there are plenty of other creative avocado meal options. Incorporate the benefits of avocado (Tasty! Healthy fats! Full of fiber! More potassium than bananas!) into your regular rotation with these ten avocado recipes that don鈥檛 involve toast.

avocado egg pizza

1. Avocado +聽Egg Breakfast Pizza: Expanding your horizons beyond avocado toast doesn鈥檛 mean you鈥檝e got to give up the green stuff for breakfast entirely. Also, pizza? For breakfast? And it鈥檚 healthy? Count us in. (via The Kitchn)

avocado pancake

2. Avocado Buckwheat Pancakes: Indulge in a big ol鈥 stack of fluffy flapjacks that are loaded with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and everything else you love about avocados, thanks to the addition of avocado puree in the batter. (via Kitchen Kemistry)

avocado chickpea salad

3. Smashed Chickpea Avocado Salad Sandwich: Who needs the boring ol鈥 tuna and egg salads you can get at any deli when you can make a chickpea version instead? Avocado replaces mayo as the creamy binding agent. (via Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen)

shrimp avocados

4. Shrimp Stuffed Avocado: The beauty of these stuffed avocados (and there are more versions here) is that you don鈥檛 even have to scoop them out. Think of it as an all-natural, edible bowl. (via Brit + Co)

avocado watermelon salad

5. Avocado, Watermelon, Pomegranate +聽Feta Salad: This summery, fruity salad is a little bowl of avocado heaven. Except you don鈥檛 have to worry about spitting out the seeds. (via The Carousel)


6. Spicy Jalapeno Guacamole: Guacamole is a classic summery dip for a reason. (And we鈥檒l take any excuse to eat chips.) Kick your guac game up a notch with this twist on the basic recipe, and get ready to tell your Chipotle guy you鈥檙e done paying extra for it now that you can make your own. (via Natasha鈥檚 Kitchen)

avocado tabbouleh

7. Avocado Tabbouleh: This colorful Lebanese salad will satisfy your cravings for avocado and Mediterranean food. Although a little hummus and falafel on the side never hurt anybody. (via Cookie and Kate)

avocado gazpacho

8. Avocado Gazpacho: Summer is the season for cold soups. Try this creamier take on a traditional Spanish gazpacho. (via New York Times)

fish and avocado tostadas

9. Blackened Fish and Avocado Tostadas: Blackened tilapia is the perfect pairing for avocado and corn salsa, and the baked tostada is a flavorful step up from your basic fish taco tortilla. (via Woman鈥檚 Day)

avocado banana smoothie

10. Avocado Banana Smoothie: This heart-healthy and dairy-free smoothie is the perfect morning wake-up (or afternoon pick-me-up) drink. (via POPSUGAR)

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