Do you consider the act of sitting to be a work of art? Or just love the trend of unconventional seating? Then Frame, by Ola Giertz, might be the chair for you.

Inspired by picture frames, Frame is a rectangular shaped chair that acts as a 3D frame, framing whoever sits in it. That’s right — even you can now be a work of art ;) The basic rectangular design forms a graphic chair that aims to contribute to a creative and inspirational setting.

It has no back, so you can sit on it like a stool, straddle it like a motorcycle or horse (yes, we just referenced a horse) or push it against the wall to use the wall as back support. Though it lacks official back support, the frame-like shape of it allows you to feel like you are in your own little bubble.

Oh, and if you’re Frame-obsessed, you can push two together to create a deeper frame that’s almost crib-like.

We love the vibe of this chair — the combination of quirky and modern makes for a conversation-worthy piece for sure. We’d love to see a room with a ton of these in a bunch of different colors, acting as physical color blocks in a living room space. In fact, maybe we need to see some of you all sitting in these at Re:Make? ;)

What do you think of Frame? What about the tradition of unconventional chairs in general? Talk to us in the comments below.