Ever wondered what your voice would look like on paper? In an effort to raise awareness and resources, Child Hotline International has created a clever campaign called Free Our Voices, which is actually a petition. But here’s the catch; instead of signing in ink, you sign with your voice in all its glory.

Every signature on Free Our Voices is unique, because signers have to say their name out loud. Then their name is transcribed onto the screen, where signers can pick colors and designs to make their signature stand out from the crowd.

We love this bright and colorful move away from traditional (and boring) e-signatures. Why not incorporate some color and measure our vocal prints? Technology has the power to do it, so we might as well take advantage of this awesome ability.

That’s what Free Our Voices thinks, anyway. But don’t take our word for it; try it out for yourself. Visit Free Our Voices to read about the Child Hotline International’s mission. If you want to sign, then get ready to sing and be amazed.

Do you think this new way to sign documents could be the way of the future? Tell us what you love (or don’t) about this technology below!

(h/tFast Company)