Taking pictures of children is no easy feat, no matter how old they are. It’s not always easy to get those little ankle biters to smile when there’s a stranger with a camera in their face. You need a true professional. But instead of dragging your little ones to the nearest department store to get pictures taken in front of a fake background, why not check out 15 of the best child photographers who will capture the little moments you’ll want to remember.

1. Isabel Furie: These photographs are fresh and easily capture the carefree spirit of the children in every shot. Boogers and all.

2. Hello Pinecone: If you want your life to look like a dream, shoot an email to this photog ASAP. Each of the shots are beautifully composed and look so dreamy. If Instagram filters existed in real life, it would look almost as good as this does.

3. Jay Reilley: Jay’s images are up close and personal. Children’s faces always fill the shot so you’re able to see every detail, big or small. These are pictures you’ll want framed and on display.

4. J. Amado: Based out of Denver, J. Amado brings new life to ordinary moments by offering a fresh perspective. Whether it’s taking the picture from a unique angle or zooming in on an unexpected detail, you won’t see images like these anywhere else.

5. Annie Eftimie: Cute Moment Photography’s pictures are just that… cute! Each image tells a story and will put a smile on your face, like their popular blackboard adventures series.

6. Brooke Schwab: With a relaxed, effortless approach, these images are ones you’ll happily pull out to show off years from now.

7. Ashley McNamara: Ashley’s work is bright, crisp and clean. The backgrounds are simple — not cluttered or distracting. The children are the main focus in these shots. And ask any parent, that’s just the way it should be!

8. Jesslan Lee: At only 21-years-old, Jesslan’s work proves it’s not just about years of experience (although she has that, too), but more about an eye for catching a great moment on camera. If she’s already this talented, we can’t wait to see what she does in the next few years!

9. Chelsea Paul: A multi-talented photographer, children are only one part of this girl’s bag of tricks. Keep her number on speed dial for all life’s big events, and you’ll be able to document your child growing up through her lens.

10. Rebecca Conway: Shooting both digitally and with film, Rebecca’s photography is a real labor of love. As a mom herself, she knows just what you want to see.

11. Liz and Zoe: These girls know how to take a picture! By letting the kids play and have fun you end up with real treasures, not a forced smile and a migraine. You wont find any plain white t-shirts or fake sunset backgrounds over here!

12. Meaghan Curry: Meaghan has a way of making the simplest moments seem extraordinary. Walking past a field of flowers or just laying in bed, these shots will always remind you of just how sweet life can be.

13. Stylish + Hip Kids: Instead of having clients pose in a studio, this photographer prefers to get out and explore the city. With the vibrant streets of Brooklyn as the background, each image is full of color and jumps right off the screen.

14. K. Dimoff: It’s pretty obvious from all of her shots, K. Dimoff knows how to use natural light. She grew up wanting to photograph for National Geographic, but turns out that snapping up images of your wild little one was her real calling in life.

15. Shelly Brakken: Shelly’s images make you feel like you’re getting a sneak peak into the sweet candid moments of someone’s day. Crying or smiling, these are the moments you’ll want to remember.

What’s your favorite way to capture images of your little one? Fill us in below!