There’s something totally irresistible about French (most notably Parisian) style. And it has nothing to do with Breton stripes, berets or even heirloom designer duds. It’s the attitude, confidence and, of course, impeccable taste that has really captured our attention. From androgynous to bohemian and flirty-feminine aesthetics, French style is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach. If you’re looking to infuse your own personal style with a little bit of that undeniable Parisian flair, these are the ladies you need to follow STAT.


1. @carolinedemaigret: If you choose to follow only one woman on this list, make it Caroline de Maigret. The music producer, model and author of How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are is the epitome of effortless cool with her perfectly uncoiffed locks and subtly sexy, menswear-inspired style. We’re kind of obsessed. (via @carolinedemaigret)


2. @camtyox: Camille Charriere has been doing the whole fashion blog thing for a while now, and we have to admit, she’s got the thing down pat. A front-row fixture the world over, this London transplant’s minimalist yet fashion-forward style is what sartorial dreams are made of. (via @camtyox)


3. @unelibanaiseaparis: Between the enviable feminine ensembles (paired with hilarious quotes from her husband) and pics with some of the most noteworthy individuals in the industry, Samar Youssef’s feed will have you hooked in five seconds flat. For insider interviews and other editorial gems, the former journalist’s blog is a must-visit. (via @unelibanaiseaparis)


4. @louisepando: With getups that channel mid-century fashion icons like Brigitte Bardot, Louise Pando’s feed makes it obvious that she is a big fan of throwback style. (via @louisepando)


5. @sarah_nait: Simple, understated and always on-point, Sarah Nait’s outfits are proof that less is most definitely more — and that a few fab accessories are an absolute must. (via @sarah_nait)


6. @dennielias: Splitting her time between Paris and New York, Denni Elias gives us glimpses of her perfectly put-together ensembles all over the globe. (via @dennielias)


7. @valentinehello: Valentine’s fun, funky style might not be what you’d expect from a 30-something Parisian, but that’s just one reason why you’ll want to keep coming back for more. Bright colors, playful accessories and perfectly applied lipstick are just some of the things you’ll find on her feed. (via @valentinehello)


8. @adenorah: Anne-Laure fuses throwback, minimalist and classic styles to create covetable looks that are fashion-forward and anything but fussy. (via @adenorah)


9. @jeannedamas: Jeanne Damas pretty much epitomizes la Parisienne. Her style fuses girl-next-door appeal with a sexy, chic edge and is, above all else, never overdone. (via @jeannedamas)


10. @daphnemodeandthecity: Despite boasting a resume that many fashion-obsessed girls can only dream of, Daphne Moreau’s sartorial sensibilities are super down to earth. Breton stripes, button-downs and blazers are staples of her playfully preppy wardrobe. (via @daphnemodeandthecity)


11. @makemylemonade: We can’t decide what we love more: Lisa’s awesome DIY projects (like embellished earcuffs and disco dinosaur earrings), amazing sewing tips or endless supply of original outfits. (via @makemylemonade)


12. @typhaineagusto: Typhaine Agusto of a Cuillère à Absinthe serves up endless outfit inspo with a quirky tomboy twist. (via @typhaineagusto)


13. @alixcherry: One of France’s original blogging “It girls,” Alix has gathered a serious fashion following over the last eight years with her romantic, feminine style that is both easy and approachable. (via @alixcherry)


14. @kenzasmg: Born and bred in La Ville Lumière, Kenza Sadoun of La Revue de Kenza boasts one of the most influential fashion blogs in France. Set against the backdrop of Paris’s quaint streets, Kenza gives glimpses of her always on-trend ensembles, pairing them up with plenty of styling tips, so you can snag a little Parisian flair of your own. (via @kenzasmg)


15. @adelinerapon: A little bit hipster-chic, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, blogger and jewelry designer Adeline Rapon’s got a certain je ne sais quoi we can’t get enough of. (via @adelinerapon)

What are your favorite sources of fashion inspiration? Tell us below in the comments!