We have a complicated relationship with Anthropologie. We love their amazing home decor pieces and wish we could move into their stores, but we’re not so keen on how expensive everything is. Quality is important, but sometimes it’s hard to rationalize spending several hundred dollars on something you think you might be able to DIY. And given the choice to buy or DIY, we are always Team DIY. We’ve been big on Anthro style hacks for a while, so now we’re checking out 16 gorgeous new arrivals from their spring home collection and the hacks to get the looks in case you don’t have the funds.

1. Lacquered Regency 12-Drawer Dresser ($2,498) vs DIY IKEA Dresser Upgrade: We totally subscribe to the idea that the knobs make the dresser. Whether you’re styling an IKEA hack, Craigslist find or just needing to update a piece of furniture you already have, start with the knobs for an instant makeover. (via Apartment Therapy)

2. Lacquered Bar Cabinet ($1,998) vs DIY IKEA Hack Bar Cart: Make a small bar cart with this IKEA bookshelf hack accented with gold. Add wheels or stylish gold legs, and think about whether you want to leave it white or go for a bright accent color. (via Sugar and Cloth)

3. Painting Practice Ring Dish ($48) vs DIY Marbled Jewelry Trays: Whether you want simple designs or feel like going a little crazy with these marbled DIY dishes, a ring dish shouldn’t have to cost more than a block of clay and some glaze. (via Brit + Co)

4. Fused Gold Vase ($158) vs DIY Gold-Dipped Ceramics: No matter if you go for a design, a pattern or just keep it simple with a gold-dipped look, your spring flowers will look extra fancy in a DIY gold-accented vase. Perk up something you already have sitting at home, and this project will barely cost you anything. (via Brit + Co)

5. Lacquered Table ($698) vs IKEA Coffee Table Makeover: Bring some simple IKEA tables to Anthro’s level with this coffee table hack. Paint the frame gold and then lay down marble contact paper on the lower shelf, or paint the bottom a bright accent color like the Anthro version. (via Apartment Therapy)

6. Ceramic Ring Cone ($38) vs DIY Sculpey Ring Holders: #Realtalk here: Your kids could probably make these DIY ring holders. Get some clay, roll out some cones, make sure your rings don’t slide all the way to the bottom, bake and paint. Marble the clay, play with gold foil or just keep things simple, but let your personality shine through these fun sculptural jewelry displays. (via Brit + Co)

7. Perch Barstool ($298) vs DIY Color-Dipped Stools: The coolest thing about these stools are the colorful legs. Go head to IKEA or grab some bar stools you already have and give them a spring makeover with bright new legs. We couldn’t decide which look we liked better on our DIY color-dipped stools… so we went for them all. (via Brit + Co)

8. Fitler Market Basket ($78) vs DIY Trashcan Makeover: Isn’t it amazing how a simple coat of spray paint can make a basket look 10 times more expensive? We are partial to anything gold, and a gold trashcan seems just about perfect for any workspace. (via Crab and Fish)

9. Agate End Table ($498) vs IKEA Hack Nightstand: Whether you want marble, jade or agate, contact paper is your solution for this cool new side table makeover. Paint the legs of your table black, gold or white, or go crazy with a bold accent color. (via Kristi Murphy)

10. Tangent Notebooks ($18) vs DIY Gold Notebook: We couldn’t decide if we wanted color blocked or gold-dipped. Why not both? These DIY notebooks are addicting to make and you’ll want to have one in every color. (via Eat Sleep Cuddle)

11. Chambal Pouf ($298) vs DIY Transformed Painted Pouf: Forget about hiding those seams, this quirky DIY pouf embraces the rough edges for a casual boho look. Pick a patterned fabric for one that looks more like Anthro’s or just paint on a pattern later. (via Camille Styles)

12. Framed Saplings Hook Rack ($148) vs DIY Backyard Branch: Guys, guess how much our DIY branch hook cost to make? Depending on how many craft supplies you have stocked up, you might be able to make this cool hook for free. Paint it, yarn bomb it or leave it au natural; you can’t go wrong. (via Brit + Co)

13. Marbled Notebooks ($16) vs DIY Marbled Notebook: Trust that no messes were made while using this DIY marbling technique. (via Brit + Co)

14. Euclidean Pendant ($248) vs DIY Light Fixture: Can you believe this DIY fixture is made out of straws and only cost $10 to make? Neither can we. (via Style Me Pretty)

15. Poured Cement Taper Holder ($8) vs DIY Concrete Bottle Vases: From candle holders to planters and party centerpieces, cement is surprisingly easy to work with. Go with tall and sleek profiles or get creative and mix it up with some faceted shapes. (via Brit + Co)

16. Shibori Accordion Rug ($198) DIY Shibori Dye Kit: From tablecloths, to pillows, to rugs and these pretty dishtowels, everything is better in blue. Once you realize how fun and easy indigo dyeing is, you’ll be dipping and twisting everything you can get your hands on. (via Brit + Co)

What do you guys think? Buy or DIY Anthro’s new spring home decor? Let us know what you’re making in the comments below!