There’s no need to purchase dozens upon dozens of lip products to achieve a range of different lip looks. We’re all about beauty hacks that make our morning routine simpler, quicker and even more beautiful. Now without further ado, presenting three lipstick hacks you need to know!

How to Create the Perfect Clean Lip Line

1. Line lips with liner.

2. Apply lipstick.

3. Using foundation on a concealer brush, clean up the lines around your lips while simultaneously creating a barrier for your lipstick.

Instant no-bleed and line perfection!

Turn Any Lipstick into a Lip Stain

1. Line lips with a liner that will go with your choice of lipstick. Feel free to go a little darker on this one.

2. Fill in with matching or close to matching lipstick.

3. Blot off with a tissue and your finger to leave the residue and illusion of that just-bitten finish.

Once bitten, twice shy? ;)

How to Make a Glossy Lipstick Matte

1. Line lips with proper liner.

2. Apply lipstick.

3. Tear a tissue into two, lay over lips and apply a translucent powder with a brush over it to take away all the sheen while not dirtying up your brush.

What’s your daily lip routine? Talk to us in the comments below.