You can’t go wrong with a classic French mani : the simple pearled tip is a timeless formal look. And while it’s our go-to for special occasions and black tie events, we’ve been on the hunt for ways to reinvent this elegant nail art staple into a style that’s more universally wearable. Well, we’re stoked to report that there is such a thing as an everyday French mani—check out these 12 totally fresh takes on the French tip.

1. Metallic French Mani : A metallic tip adds instant edge to the classically dainty French mani. Pair with a dreamy pink polish for maximum effect. (via Heidi Klum )

2. Wavy French Tips : Squiggly shaped patterns are having a moment on garments of all kinds, and we have to say, the amorphous design translates nicely into nail art. It’s a funky pattern that feels both sporty and artsy. (via Chalkboard Nails )

3. Matte French Mani : Here’s a foolproof way to amp up a matte mani. We love this flat-meets-high gloss combo in the same color. (via Ramshackle Glam )

4. Glitter Tips : Give glittery gradient nails (like the Snombre !) more structure with this French tip mani. It’s a luxe look that every lady should know how to do. (via So Nailicious )

5. Linear Equation Mani : Nail this sleek look with the help of thin striping tape. Paint a base coat, add the strips, brush on a contrast color, and rip the tape away to get this classy two-toned mani. (via Brit + Co. )

6. Red Scalloped Tips : Let your girly side shine with this scalloped tip mani. It’s a flirty look that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. (via Hail to the Nails )

7. Embellished Tips : Add some serious oomph to your tips with embellishments like shiny sequins. Or amp up the drama even more with 3D baubles like rounded studs. (via So Nailicious )

8. Geo Tips : This might be the ultimate way to take your tips to the next level. Contrasting triangles create the most head-turning geo nail art around. (via Keiko Lynn )

9. Asymmetrical French Tip : We’re obsessed with this striped-down geo mani that turns an imperfect, asymmetrical swipe into something truly stunning. If you ask us, it’s nail art perfection. (via Paula’s Choice )

10. Mirrored Moon Mani : Whoever decided to add matching French tips to a killer half moon mani is a legit beauty genius. Whether you’re rocking it to date night or to the office, you simply can’t go wrong with this look. (via Beautylish )

11. Color Block French Mani : Behold: the color block French mani! This hypnotic nail art design is fairly intricate, but definitely worth the effort if you’re looking to make a bold statement. (via So Nailicious )

12. V-Shaped French Tip Nails : Here’s another gorgeous way to rock a geo mani. These v-shaped nails are the delightful result of when a tribal-inspired pattern gets a minimalistic makeover. (via Nail Art Pretties )

Do you have any “hot tips” for us? Are there any new nail arty trends we just have to know about? Tell us in the comments below.