Every so often, we come across an artist who gets us. Austin-based Laurie Frick marries art and tech with her work, creating breathtaking, hand-built pieces using self-tracking data. She wanted to share her methods on both a larger and smaller scale, so she created FRICKbits, an app that uses your own phone data to design personal art with the bits of your life. It isn鈥檛 available the app store yet, but we鈥檙e waiting (impatiently) for a release date.

FRICKbits聽just wrapped up a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, where they toppled their goal and raised 450% more than they had planned. Frick has been working with mobile tech shop thirteen23 on the app for the last couple of years, and the campaign is going to help take it even further. Using a handheld version of Frick鈥檚 algorithm, you鈥檒l soon be able to create your own modern designs that tell the story of your life in a really interesting way.

The app uses location data, so what you鈥檒l see on your screen will be a broken down version of your daily life. Based on frequency of the places you visit and when you venture off your usual beaten path, you鈥檒l create new lines and clusters. Lines and clusters don鈥檛 sound like much until you see them in Frick鈥檚 watercolor-inspired (and customizable) palette and abstract mapping patterns. We鈥檙e in love.

And, just because we鈥檙e crushing so hard on this artist, we wanted to share a few of Laurie Frick鈥檚 original art below that will hopefully inspire you in your own creations!

We can鈥檛 wait to see how ours come out! How about you?