Woohoo! You made it through the week — and boy, it was a long one. Now you’ve got two options: Go out and see people OR flop onto your couch and start an all-weekend binge sesh. Sure, socializing is great, but sometimes you just want to Netflix and chill. For those of you who are leaning toward the latter, we’ve got 10 movies and shows hand-picked and ready to stream (catch last week’s picks on what to watch this weekend). Happy weekend. Nobody interrupt us until Monday.



1. The Characters: Netflix gave free reign to eight up-and-coming comedians, and the results are side-splitting. Each of the eight comedians has serious chops — gaining their fame in shows like SNL and Orange is the New Black, with guest appearances from Cecily Strong, Bobby Moynihan and Abbi Jacobson. (Photo via Netflix)

Friday Night Lights

2. Friday Night Lights: One of the great sports shows that’s about way more than sports, Friday Night Lights was a touchdown success when it aired from 2006 to 2011. The drama won three Emmys for its portrayal of a football team in small town Texas. (Photo via NBC)



3. From Russia With Love: If you feel like you missed out on the whole James Bond craze, now is your time to catch up. Almost every James Bond movie ever is streaming now on Hulu. Get ready for a classy binge and take all your drinks shaken — not stirred (sorry). (Photo via United Artists)


4. Life Is Beautiful: Consistently named among the best movies ever made, Life is Beautiful is set in World War II-era Italy. When a Jewish lawyer and his family are captured by Nazis, he tries to shield the harsh reality of concentration camps from his son by turning it into a game and infusing humor where there’s nothing but tragedy. It’s one of those films that everybody should see for its beautiful portrayal of life, in all its sadness and humor. (Photo via Miramax)



5. Birdman: Birdman was a smash hit last year when it won the Oscar for Best Picture. If you haven’t seen Michael Keaton’s portrayal as a washed-up actor, now’s your last chance — it expires from HBO Go at the end of the month. (Photo via Fox Searchlight Pictures)


6. Love and Mercy: For those who grew up listening to the Beach Boys, Love and Mercy — last year’s Brian Wilson biopic — is a must-see. The all-star cast includes John Cusack, Paul Dano, Elizabeth Banks and a terrifying Paul Giamatti. (Photo via River Road Entertainment)



7. The Rules of Attraction: One of those quintessential films from the early ’00s, The Rules of Attraction starred James van der Beek as a wild college student involved in a particularly raucous love triangle. It’s based off a novel by Brett Easton Ellis — the author of American Psycho — so you know things are bound to get weird. (Photo via Lions Gate)


8. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl: When a high school senior is forced to spend time with a classmate who was just diagnosed with cancer, the result could be incredibly cliche. But, this film manages to be sincere and touching without being over-the-top. Don’t worry — it’s not all completely serious. The movie’s got Nick Offerman and Molly Shannon providing plenty of comedic relief. (Photo via Fox Searchlight Pictures)



9. Big Eyes: Even though Margaret Keane was an incredibly talented painter, she never received credit for her work. Her husband did. The movie, set in 1950s San Francisco, reiterates just how far women have come in the last century. Big Eyes was directed by Tim Burton and stars Amy Adams. (Photo via The Weinstein Company)


10. Becoming Bulletproof: Some documentaries were made to challenge our preconceived notions, like this one that asks, “Why aren’t people with disabilities in more movies?” The documentary is riveting, clever and inspiring. (Photo via Superfilms!)

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