Whether you’re an all-star athlete or someone who, until recently, thought the gym is as mythical a place as Naria, finding workout clothes that look good and are actually functional can be a real challenge. It may be that the super slim pants give you a raging muffin top or that you simply cannot find a sports bra that comes in your size. Either way, it can be a discouraging process to say the least. The problem? Most activewear labels are designed for that girl you see in the ads: AKA a 6-foot tall model with little to no body fat. The solution? This company that’s making a point to design pieces that work not just for one body type, but for all of them. Introducing From Thick to Thin (T2T).


The line’s mission is simple: design functioning apparel for everyone — no matter how tall, short, fast or slow you are. They want to change the idea of being a “the female athlete” from an exclusive one to an inclusive one. The brand already has developed a loyal following with their series of tanks that come with bold, fun slogans printed on them. However, these are currently bought from a wholesaler and printed with their designs. But now, to make more of difference in the industry, T2T is developing their own apparel with the help of Kickstarter.


T2T recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough to begin developing small batches of two originally designed workout pieces: a pair of side-open shorts and an updated version of their already-popular soft flowy tank. A sports bra, compression pant, long and short-sleeved shirts and hoodies are all slated to follow.

The shorts come complete with flexible sides that allow for either thick or thin thighs, and the updated tank will be loose around the tummy and long enough to cover your backside during that brutal set of squats.


On the Kickstarter page, Andrea Kuchinski, the founder of T2T writes, “We want people to come to our website, see our marketing, or pick up our catalog and look at the women and say ‘Hell ya, that’s totally me.’ Not, ‘Ugh, I wish that was me.” If this is an idea you can get behind, donate $50 to get two tanks or $100 for two tanks AND a pair of shorts. Finally owning workout wear that you don’t have to be self-conscience in is a reward that comes for free.

Do you find yourself frustrated with finding activewear that actually fits? What changes would you like to see made? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Kickstarter)