While you’re downloading all the fitness apps your phone can handle, going Paleo and promising yourself you’ll get more sleep, why not follow some athletes on Instagram? We can’t think of anyone better to inspire a stronger, fitter life than the people who do it professionally. We’re sharing some of Instagram’s best athlete accounts. From golfers to footballers and surfers to basketball players, these athletes will inspire you to hit the gym and the road.

Laura Robson

1. Laura Robson: This dynamo tennis player does it all — she competes, surfs, travels and she kicks it with her friends. If she can do it, why can’t we? (via laurarobson5)

serena williams

2. Serena Williams: There’s no better model for a strong, female body than tennis queen, Serena Williams. Not only is her Insta feed filled with amazing action shots, it also highlights her strong sense of humor. (via serenawilliams)

Devon Still

3. Devon Still: This professional football player will inspire you in more than one way. Not only is he an elite athlete, but he is also guiding his adorable six-year-old daughter through cancer. Join him with hashtags #BeatCancer and #PrayForLeah (via man_of_still75)

McKayla Maroney

4. McKayla Maroney: This Olympic gymnast may not be impressed, but we’re impressed with her selfie-heavy Instagram feed. We never get sick of her face, and we don’t think you will either. (via mckaylamaroney)

Quincy Davis

5. Quincy Davis: Surfer girl Quincy has got one of the best Insta feeds out there. From action shots of her surfing to gorgeous locations as shown in the shot above, her Insta will inspire you to go places and work on your core. (via quincydavis)

Anna Rawson

6. Anna Rawson: Professional golfer, model AND MBA student Anna Rawson burns the candle at all ends. Follow her to get inspired to try a little of everything — travel, tennis, golf and hot rollers. (via annarawson)

Kevin Love

7. Kevin Love: KLove is a pro basketball player and total babe. He’s got biceps and beard for days. From amazing travel pics featuring his pretty mug to an amazing photo shoot he did done up as an elderly man, Kevin Love’s feed has a little bit of something for everyone. (via kevinlove)

Lakey Peterson

8. Lakey Peterson: Surfer girl and core strength superstar Lakey Peterson has got some of the sickest action shots out there. And since she’s currently on a world tour of surfing, you can be sure that the locations vary wildly and wondrously. (via lakeypeterson)

Michelle Wei

9. Michelle Wie: The golfing phenom is all grown up, and she is killing it on Instagram. Her addiction to tennis shoes is totally contagious, and her propensity for neon is definitely something we can get behind. (via themichellewie)

Torrey Smith

10. Torrey Smith: It’s impossible to say who’s got the cuter smile: footballer Torrey Smith or his little man. This Baltimore Raven has got more wattage in his smile than a night game at the Superdome. Follow him for a million pics of the cutest baby in the world. (via torreysmithwr)

Jenny Finch

11. Jenny Finch: Jenny Finch, author of the awesomely titled Throw Like a Girl and Olympic softball pitcher, proves that just because you’re getting down and dirty on the field doesn’t mean you can’t look good while doing it. Follow her for updates in mommyhood and awesome throwbacks to her Olympic days. (via jfinch27)

Gretchen Bleiler

12. Gretchen Bleiler: She’s a businesswoman, pro snowboarder, Olympian and environmental advocate. Gretchen Bleiler, can you be our friend? Until then, we’ll just follow this amazing array of snowy mountain pics. (via gretchenbleiler)

Cristiano Ronaldo

13. Cristiano Ronaldo: You basically can’t do an Instagram round up of athletes without including soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s like the Ken doll of athletes, which is to say he’s so pretty, it’s unreal. Like, maybe he’s a sexy robot from the future. You heard it here first. (via cristiano)

Who do you look to for inspiration to work out? Let us know in the comments below!