Know a mom who loves to make things? You know the woman we’re talking about. She’s constantly fixing, hacking and redesigning every little thing to solve problems for the folks that surround her. In fact, she’s engineering her everyday to make it better, more efficient and more beautiful. We’ve teamed up with GE to celebrate the inner engineer in every mom! And wouldn’t you know it, we’ve curated a B+C Shop Collection called The Maker Shop and gift guide perfect for Mother’s Day.

Guess what else? GE and Brit + Co are also offering TWO amazing free classes in collaboration with our very special collection. With every purchase, you’ll receive a code to redeem our LED Electronics 101 E-Class (taught by our founder, Brit Morin) for FREE! To redeem your free LED Electronics class, look for an email from Brit + Co shortly after you make your purchase — everything you need to to know will be in your inbox!

We’ve also teamed up with Girl Develop It to gift you $100 toward a coding or tech class as well. The Girl Develop It classes are in person, and available in 50 cities across the country — so it should be no prob to find one close to you! How awesome is that? To redeem this class, simply register here using the code GDI4Moms. (Note: The Girl Develop It class offer is only available to the first 150 customers who redeem their gift code. So don’t delay!!)

It’s all about bringing out mom’s inner tinkerer, maker and engineer. These classes are meant to serve as stepping stones for women to invent world-changing products. We’re in a new era of building, and what it means to make is constantly being redefined. It’s up to us to learn these skills to change the world.

Read on to check out 20 of our favorite gifts for geek chic mamas, and feel free to get yourself a little somethin’ too!

1. DIY Shibori Tote and Pouch Kit (with littleBits free add-on!) ($30): We partnered with littleBits and GE to create a brand new exclusive edition of our Shibori Tote and Pouch Kit, just in time for Mother’s Day. Not only do you get everything you need to create a hand-painted faux shibori tote and zip pouch, but we’re throwing in a littleBits kit (valued at $99). Now you can engineer your tote to light up so you can find all your everyday tools and essentials. The littleBits Base Kit includes 10 beginner-friendly magnetic modules that snap together to form neat little circuits. Make your DIY creations buzz, blink and illuminate with no need for soldering, wiring or programming.

2. SKEYE Nano Drone ($49): Who doesn’t need the world’s smallest quadrocopter? Measuring at just 1.57 x 1.57 inches, this little drone is made to fly into even the narrowest of nooks. It’s the perfect gift for the gal who loved playing with remote control airplanes as a kid.

3. Break the Rules Letter Opener + Ruler ($10): Old school goes fancy with this letter opener that doubles as a ruler. The side you see says “Follow the Rules” and the side you don’t implores you to break them :)

4. Slate Mobile AirDesk ($98): If you work from home or a variety of different places, it can feel frustrating to have to reorganize your workspace each time you shift locations. This AirDesk makes your space easy to define, no matter where you are. Keep all your essentials in one place, and work happy.

5. Grande Cord Tacos ($25): Speaking of keeping your tech essentials organized, these hilariously named cord tacos are like No More Tangles for your cords.

6. Strong Cup of Coffee Print ($16): Don’t we know it?

7. Inkodye Photo Printing Kit ($39.99): Are you ready for some serious solar power? This kit will let you print your own photos on fabric using the power of sunlight. But how? Using a recent dye innovation called Inkodye that’s made of magical photo-sensitive dyes that develop color based on their exposure to sunlight or UV rays. How cool is that?

8. Hisy-Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote ($25): Find yourself in epic environments a lot? Then you’d probably benefit from a remote for your smartphone’s camera. It’s just what you need for setting up family photos and selfies without getting stressed about the 10 seconds you have to run into the frame.

9. DIY Thirsty Plant Kit ($32): All it takes is a twisting of wires to make a circuit and build a solar-powered moisture sensor that lets you know when your plants need watering. Advanced tinkerers can hack this kit with Arduino to create automatic watering cans, plants that tweet and more.

10. Homemakers by Brit Morin ($23): Think you know everything there is to know about homemaking? We’re turning the term “homemaker” on its head by redefining what it means to make. You’ll have to crack open the book to learn more!

11. Obsessive Chef Cutting Board ($26): Pride yourself on perfectly angled asparagus slices? Put those obsessive tendencies to the test with this charmingly neurotic cutting board.

12. Snooze iPhone Alarm Dock ($25): Remember back in the day when you could simply slap the top of your alarm clock to hit the snooze button? That magic is back, thanks to this clever iPhone dock.

13. littleBits Birthday Candle Project Pack ($20): Wax candles are so old school. This kit lets you build your own electronic alternative to the classic birthday candle.

14. Power+ Solar Charger and Light ($79): This two-in-one charger keeps your devices powered up and provides illumination if you’re camping out under the stars.

15. Bheard Sound Pod ($35): If the iPhone in a bowl isn’t quite cutting it, this sound pod is just what you need.

16. Modern Wall Clock Kit ($30): What happens when functionality meets wall art? These fresh-faced clocks, of course. Our Modern Wall Clock Kit includes all the materials you need to paint and assemble your very own gallery clock. Check out our full wall clock tutorial for step-by-step directions and design inspiration.

17. I Am Very Busy iPhone Case ($26): We know you are, girl.

18. 3D Printed Roses ($15): Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, a birthday or just to express appreciation on any old day, skip the classic roses and choose 3D roses instead. There’s no better way to say “I love you” than with roses that last.

19. Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight ($99): Beautiful and practical, the Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight connects to the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home and alerts you via smartphone when they sound. If you’re away from your phone, Leeo calls your designated friends + family for backup. No installation, contract, or fees required.

20. Bluetooth Selfie Stick ($35): And finally, let’s take a freaking selfie! I can personally attest to this being the best selfie stick on the market — no self timer issues, no weird angles and no fear of your phone falling out of the clamp and onto the pavement, into the water or out the window :)

What cool gadgets or products do you have your eye on? Talk to us in the comments below. And if you’ve got stories of innovative moms who make, be sure to share them using #MyMomMakes!

This post is a collaboration with GE.