Instagram is turning into a super social media network that is eating all the best parts of other networks. Everyone was in an uproar when Instagram Stories (riffing off of Snapchat) premiered a few months ago. Then Instagram started showing off and recommending videos that you might like. And now, the latest example: Instagram will soon have a live video feature.

Instagram on iPhone 5

Live video is nothing new. There was Periscope and Meerkat, both of which kind of faded away when Facebook came out with Facebook Live. And now Instagram is borrowing from Facebook (which is slightly okay because, you know, they’re the same company). Instagram’s “Go Live!” feature will probably be housed alongside Instagram Stories at the top of the app. Followers will be able to see that you’re live by a pink “live” button that lives underneath your Stories icon. There’s no word yet if the live feature will disappear à la “Stories” or keep living in your feed.

The live feature was spotted in Russia as an experiment, and Instagram’s CEO confirmed that it was coming out for everyone sometime soon. He did not confirm exact release date details. We’ll stay tuned and let you know when you can start reporting live from Instagram.

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(h/t Engadget)