Move over, Snapchat and Instagram. It’s not enough to simply share your life through just photos or short videos anymore. It’s time to upgrade your social sharing habits and start livestreaming. Yep, a slew of new apps spearheaded by Meerkat and Periscope aim to help you share your life with friends and strangers through live video. Whether you’re sharing a moment with just one person or you want to broadcast your day to the entire web, these apps will get you up to speed with the livestreaming game.


1. Hang w/: Hang w/ wants to replace all your social media accounts by offering authentic streaming video between you and your friends wherever they are. One app for all things social? Sounds good to us! (Free on iOS and Android)


2. Glide: This app gives you the option to livestream or record and view video later. Using cloud storage also allows for unlimited sending and receiving of large video files without ever impacting your phone’s storage (score!). It’s perfect for keeping in touch with out-of-town family and friends. (Free on iOS and Android)

3. Vive: Vive promises to introduce you to the friends you never knew you had. It’s a members-only video club that allows you to search a huge variety of topics and connect instantly with someone who can discuss it. (Free on iOS)


4. Periscope: Want to broadcast that epic sunset minute-by-minute? This app will let you do just that. Periscope is also unique because it allows you to replay previous broadcasts and has privacy options in case you want to only broadcast to select friends. You can also be notified when other users nearby are streaming. (Free on iOS)


5. Teleparty: If you’re new to livestreaming, Teleparty is a simple way to get started. Just open the app at the same time as your friends and you’ll be able to talk to any of them with just one tap of the finger. (Free on iOS)


6. Meerkat: Want to livestream on Twitter? Just open this app and hit “stream” to show your live video to all your Twitter followers. (Free on iOS and Android)


7. Watch Me Work: Livestreaming isn’t just for your smartphone, people. If you want to brush up on your Adobe skills, follow the creative process of others at work with this app.


8. Making Live: Anything with the word “make” in the title automatically has our attention. From makeup applications to programming, this site allows users to seek out live video of experts creating just about anything.


9. Rounds: This is probably your best bet for livestreaming with a small group of friends. Up to a dozen users can share photos, text on-screen and even take snapshots of your group calls. (Free on iOS and Android)


10. Quickie: Similar to Snapchat, this app lets you livestream with your besties in five-second chunks. (Free on iOS)

Do you use any livestreaming apps? Any that we missed here? Let us know in the comments below!