You may think you’ve seen your fair share of chunky sweaters and scarves this winter season, but trust us — those have got nothing on giant knits, the cozy new trend taking the DIY-verse by storm. You’ve may have mastered easy knitting projects, but giant knitting is exactly what it sounds like: old-school knitting techniques combined with super thick yarn and over-sized knitting needles to create some seriously mind-blowing accessories. And if you’re wondering where to get your hands on your own over-the-top knit accessories, look no further than DIY and knitwear brand Loopy Mango.


After giving up careers in the tech and corporate worlds to pursue their more artistic passions, Loopy Mango co-founders Waejong Kim and Anna Pulvermakher met in NYC and launched their brand in 2004. Loopy Mango sells and uses the thickest yarn available on the market, Big Loop. Each ball of yarn is made in small batches and hand-crafted by their artisans. Their yarn comes in every color of the rainbow, including a limited-edition multicolored version (a giant, chunky, multicolored scarf? Yes, please!), so the possibilities for creating one-of-a-kind accessories are endless.


Loopy Mango sells ready-made accessories and home goods like scarves, sweaters and blankets, and also offers DIY kits, so you can get crafty and make your own cozy knits. The price point might seem a little steep at first, with DIY scarves starting at around $100 and blanket kits starting at $242, but when compared to how much yarn is in one skein of the 40-ounce Big Loop used to make a blanket (it is equivalent to 11 balls of 100-gram yarn), plus the labor-intensive process of spinning the yarn, it’s actually not a bad deal.


If the idea of giant knitting seems intimidating, put all your fears aside, because Loopy Mango kits come with patterns and video tutorials. Something as large as a blanket will only take about three hours to finish. That’s not bad for a handmade, unique blanket that will keep you warm through many a winter.

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