If you watched The Little Mermaid as a kid and spent the next 10 (or 20 — Ariel wedding, anyone?) years wishing you lived under the sea, sang songs with your gang of fishy friends and sported a sparkly, scaly tail, you’re about to get really excited. Etsy seller Melanie Campbell of CassJamesDesigns is making all of our dreams come true with a crazy cool crocheted blanket that looks a whole lot like Ariel’s tail.

Not only will this blanket make you feel like a certain red-headed mermaid-turned-princess, but it’s actually pretty smart in terms of peak levels of coziness too. Plus it has a slit up the back, which means it wraps around your legs while still giving you room to breathe. The perfect little aquatic cocoon. Wait, what did we just write?

The blanket comes in three sizes: toddler, child and adult — so everyone can experience the #mermaidlife while curled up on the couch. And you can choose between a pink-and-teal or purple-and-teal color combo.

We don’t how she came up with this idea, but it’s actual genius. In fact, the blankets are such a hot commodity with Etsy customers that there’s now a 12-week estimated delivery delay. Womp womp.

But don’t worry — even if you can’t score your own mermaid tail by the holidays, you’ll get tons of use out of it year-round.

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(Photos via Etsy/CassJamesDesigns)