Stop the presses — Gigi Hadid Just. Got. Bangs. And not just any bangs — perfectly piece-y face-framing bangs that will make you immediately want to reach for the shears (if you haven’t already been inspired to do so by these Instagram bang superstars, that is!) While Gigi’s not the first celeb to debut a totally new look at an awards show this year (see: Taylor Swift at the Grammys), she is by far sporting the most epic transformation of the evening thus far. But are these the real deal or is Gigi pulling a Kristin Cavallari with disappearing bangs? Perez Hilton seems to think they’re falsies, while Elle isn’t quite sure.

Whether they are or they aren’t, we think they’re 100%  fierce, and we bet original bang badass Anna Wintour would agree. As if the girl wasn’t high-fashion enough (we’re digging that pinstripe menswear with its pop of neon yellow), she’s now got the next-level hair to match and we hope she sticks with it. Here’s the cut from several angles:

Too close to call? We’ll let YOU decide.

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(Photos by Frazer Harrison/Getty + Sergi Alexander/Getty)