Deciding whether or not to get bangs can be a tough decision. They’re a great way to totally change up your look without taking off overall length, but then again, if they look bad there isn’t really any easy way to hide them. Plus, they take forever to grow out. But it looks like Laguna Beach star-turned-lifestyle guru, Kristin Cavallari has found a way to get the best of both worlds.

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The 28-year-old mother of three recently took to Instagram to share a photo of her rocking a full set of bangs. She captioned her photo, “Wanted to change up my look today with bangs! They are attached to a headband to make it super easy. Check them out” Once you head over to Secret Bang’s website you’ll find an infomercial-like video with Kristin explaining exactly how they work. The fake hair, which is attached to a headband, can be worn as bangs or flipped around to offer more volume around the crown of the head.

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The idea sounds cool in theory and when done right, it can look awesome (case in point: Laverne Cox’s temporary look). However, Secret Bang’s rendition of the style could use a little help. The bangs are meant to be able to to be worn both as a side-swept style or as a blunt straight across look. When combed straight down the bangs seems to be covering all the ladies’ eyes. Another downside to Secret Bangs is that a headband always has to be part of your hairstyle, which isn’t ideal. If you’re super into the idea of removable bangs you may want to consider a clip on style more akin to this pair from Ulta Beauty ($29).

That being said, we could easily see Secret Bangs being a useful tool for salons to stock up on to offer clients who come in unsure about whether or not they want to make the change.

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(Photos via @kristincavallari, Secret Bangs and Stephen Lovekin/Getty)