While we eagerly await the Gilmore Girls reunion on Netflix, squee-ing over behind-the-scenes pics that are giving us serious hints and Gilmore Girls cookbooks, we’re thrilled to find out that we can now fill our world with Gilmore Girls-themed candles. *sniff squee sniff*

Gilmore Girls candles - Welcome to Stars Hollow

Created by Pick Me Up Cups and sold on Etsy, these handmade delights offer scents such as “Lorelai Gilmore’s Daisies,” “Rory Gilmore’s Books” and “Coffee at Luke’s Diner” (“Coffee scented with a shot of cynicism”). Each candle is “tongue-in-cheek inspired” and includes “soy, essential oil, fragrance oils, love.” Aww!

Gilmore Girls candles - Rory's Books

With options that also include “Sookie’s Snacks,” “Mrs. Kim Antiques” and “Welcome to Stars Hollow” we’re assured that they “burn clean, smell amazing, and will bring a smile to your face!” We’re already smiling at the possibility of this nose-based nostalgia!

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(h/t Mashable, photos via Pick Me Up Cups/ Etsy, Gilmore Girls/Facebook)