The return of the Gilmore Girls is getting ever closer, which means the hints and teases are coming faster than ever. Is Max Medina returning for another chance at love with Lorelai? Is Lorelai pregnant? Though we’re happy to speculate about what we think should happen, we’ve just been given a look at what will definitely be happening. A new pic released by Netflix shows Luke and Lorelai smack dab in the midst of a seriously shocking moment.

Gilmore Girls _ Luke and Lorelai

Getting a glimpse of the pair enjoying an evening together at the Black-White-Read Bookstore/Theatre, we see Lorelai on her cellphone receiving what we can only assume is some seriously shocking news. With Luke gesturing to himself, we have to guess that the news has something to do with him as well. Could it be… is it… baby news? Or something totally differently that will absolutely shock us all?

We’ll just have to wait and see when Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits Netflix on November 25.

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(h/t TVline; photos via Netflix)