The flavor of Girl Scout cookies is one that鈥檚 burned into our collective memories. Who doesn鈥檛 love a Thin Mint or Caramel Crunch? Scouts has been the go-to for girls and women for a century, and their annual cookie drives are the stuff of legends. Now, the organization isn鈥檛 just working on building self esteem and joy for young girls, but also making our dreams come true with a new cookie announcement that鈥檒l be filling our cereal bowls as soon as possible.

According to the Candy Hunting IG and confirmed by General Mills, two new Girl Scout cookie flavor cereals will be hitting shelves in January. Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch in our bowls? Yes please!

This announcement comes hot off the heels of the Scouts announcing a new S鈥檓ores cookie flavor earlier this year, showing us that they aren鈥檛 just about empowering girls and women, but also fulfilling our biggest snack dreams.

Basically, if you鈥檝e ever felt like you had to eat cookies for breakfast in secret, now鈥檚 the time to just fill your bowl, add your fave milk and go to town. The Girl Scouts (and us!) support that choice.

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