Whether it鈥檚 the glitter makeup or glitter DIYs you are seeing *everywhere,* this shimmering stuff is all the craze ATM. With music festival season in full swing, there couldn鈥檛 be a better time to add a little sparkle to your beauty routine. If you鈥檙e just looking to step up your hair game for your next big event or are finally ready to commit to a total makeover (you go, girl!), now鈥檚 the time to be bold and jump on the glitter bandwagon by taking your hair to next-level territory. Need more convincing? Check out these 10 glitter-rooted babes that will give you serious shimmery spring hair inspo.

1. Funky Top Knots: Pom poms + glitter make the *perfect* pair. This creative combo will give you funky fresh vibes that will keep you going all day long.

2. Bleached Beauty: Feeling like you need a little more than color to get your hair ready for your next big event? Add some shine to your roots to enhance your gorgeous dye job and create an eye-catching 鈥榙o.

3. Bedazzled Buns: An outfit is never complete without a touch of glitz. Spread some iridescent glitter across your roots to amplify your awesome look.

4. Loving Locks: Bring back your favorite childhood art supplies to create this adorable 鈥榙o. A few heart-shaped gems and a little pink glitter will have you and the people around you feeling the love.

5. Metallic Mermaid: Curls and color and glitter, oh my! Channel your inner Ariel with these amazingly gorgeous aquamarine waves and shimmering roots that will have you feeling sexier than ever.

6. Flower Power: Not feeling your regular hairstyle? Ditch the lackluster hairdo and make your hair the focus of your ensemble by opting for some floral rhinestones.

7. Pretty Pastel: Talk about #hairgoals. This cotton candy-colored 鈥榙o is only made cuter by the scattered sparkles.

8. Twinkling Tresses: Braids, buns and glitter? Yes, please! Mix up your favorite hair techniques to create a star-filled hairstyle that couldn鈥檛 get any better.

9. Golden Girl: Part your luscious locks with a stylish braid and go for the gold with this award-worthy 鈥榙o that will leave your friends feeling the #hairenvy.

10. Magical Mohawk: Looking for a hairstyle that鈥檚 out of this world? Combine the colors of the rainbow with a fun mohawk that will have you feeling extra fabulous.

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