‘Tis the season to rep your A-game glitter looks. Since we’ve already taught you everything about how to wear glitter, we’re setting the tone with four next-level glitter makeup looks that would suit any kind of gal and every occasion. Festive sparkly looks can be unapologetically bold, strikingly sexy, soft and subtle or used as that perfectly unexpected pop. In these four totally different looks, we embellished nearly *everywhere* on our faces with glitter — on eyelids, lips, cheekbones and even in our hair (!) — to create these looks that should serve as major party makeup inspo (I see you, NYE!). Grab a vile of sparkle and just go with it!

  1. The Pop of Glitter Girl: The Galaxy Smokey Eye

    For gals who like to rock a dramatic eye, this is it.


    Get the look: Start off with a more mattified face: Keep your bronzer fairly light and neutral and your blush in a light peachy hue to tie it all together. On your eyes, apply a deep black charcoal eyeshadow in your outside creases, extending the shadow beyond the outside corners and along your lower lash line with a stippling (tapping) effect to create a smudgy, slightly messy finish. Go with a bright gold metallic eyeshadow on the inside corners of your eyes and blend it down onto your lower lash line to meet the black shadow. To blend the gold and black eyeshadow, gently tap on a silvery metallic eyeshadow on the center of your eyelids. Now for the good stuff: GLITTER, set go! Tap a loose glitter like Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Loose Glitter ($12) over the top of your shadow, focusing on the center of your eyelids and blending out to the inside corners and slightly onto the outside black shadow. You can go for a pearlescent or silvery undertone glitter to really make this look pop.

  2. The Sexy Glitter Girl: Shimmering Bronze Lips

    If glitter on your eyelids seems like too much of a commitment, then this is a great way for you to still stand out with some sparkle by having a shimmering lip moment.


    Get the Look: Start with a dewy foundation, mauve matte blush and a bronzed smolder on your eyelids, focusing in your crease and lower lash line. Line your lips with a bronzed lip liner, then add a deep burnt red lip color and tap on a copper metallic glitter pigment like this one from MAC Cosmetics ($22) with your fingers. Note that this addition may change the hue of your lips, so be up for the experimentation. Now your lips are glistening and gorgeous — and super easy to touch up. Just keep your little glitter pigment tube in your bag to reapply after you eat or drink.

  3. The Subtle Glitter Girl: Glowing Glitter Cheekbones

    This is probably the most subtle, perhaps understated look of the bunch, but with its natural-feeling, golden goddess vibes, it’s nothing short of babelicious.


    Get the Look: Apply your normal foundation to start off. For your bronzer, break out one with more of an orangey-bronze undertone and lay it on more heavily than usual. Focus your bronzer on your hairline, in the hollows of your cheeks, along your jawline, down your neck and slightly on either side of the bridge of your nose. Add a light gold shadow to the lids of your eyes and take that bronzer into the creases of your eyes to top off your simple eye look. Keep your liner simple by using the mascara wand to create a smudgy effect on your lower lash line and stick to one coat on your upper lash line. Now add a touch of light rose gold lipgloss or lipstick to your pucker. To bring this look to the next level, bust out a gold pigmented glitter like this one from MAC Cosmetics ($22) and apply with a firm blush brush by tapping the glitter onto your upper cheekbones, along your hairline, down the bridge of your nose and above the cupid’s bow of your lip. Every time you turn your face, the light will hit and give off a beautiful glow!

  4. The Bold Glitter Girl: Rainbow Glitter Roots

    This makeup look is strong enough to stand next to this extreme hairdo, but not too much to make you look overdone. Because really, it’s all about the hair here!


    Get the Look: Keep your face fairly matte and your eyes subtly smoked out with a single layer of a light black/soft charcoal eyeshadow blended out quite a bit to keep the look soft and simple. Apply a deeper magenta blush and go big with a deep metallic berry lipstick. To get the glittery roots look, part your hair stick straight and spray on a little hairspray on your roots. Then, add on a layer of glitter glue by painting it onto your roots with a flat makeup brush. Then, using a fluffy makeup brush, gently sprinkle on two tones of your favorite loose glitter before the glitter primer dries. For a rainbow-like look, start with your base color — we used this brassy gold glitter by MAC Cosmetics ($22) — then get up in the roots with your final color. Here, it was Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter ($12). Give one final spray of hairspray to lock the glitter down!

Go big or go home… that is a saying that we can definitely apply to these beautiful, bold, playful power looks! Remember to let these looks inspire you and show you that your imagination can take you pretty far when it comes to using glitter to take your holiday look to an appropriately larger-than-life level!

What are your favorite ways to wear glitter?Show us your next-level makeup looks by tagging us on Instagram.