Welcome to the first day of Coachella 2016, where style, music and DIY congregate right smack in the deserts of Indio, California. We’re on the ground doing some serious DIY spotting, and here are some of the best, most DIYable looks you should definitely make for the summer — music festival or not!


1. Say It With Words: Send a message with your clothing — as this creative attendee did on her neon pink bodysuit (so in right now). There’s several options for DIYing this: iron on, screen print, hand sewn or even with fabric paint!


2. Quirky Animal Parasol: This crafty event-goer made almost thirty of these adorable lion-faced parasols for herself and her friends using scrap fabric, string lights and some hot glue. Plus, not only are they practical for, you know, UV blocking, they’re also great for finding your pals when you get separated in a crowd.


3. Boho Flower Crown: This simply wouldn’t be a Coachella DIY roundup if we didn’t include boho flower crowns — they’re the epitome of festival style, and they’re also the easiest project to get you festival-ready. All you need are some silk flowers, hot glue and, in this girl’s case, a simple strand of twine.


4. Tie Dye Romper: Tie dye is back in a big way, and when you’re in a crowded event, there’s no better way to stand out than in bright neon. The best part is you can tie dye just about anything — aside from her easy cotton romper (so on-trend!), this DIYer tie dyed a massive quilt for all her pals to sit on while they take in the music.


5. Silk Flower Details: Take a solid outfit, like this creative DIYer’s festive pink getup, and punch it up with silk flowers, which you can either sew or hot glue on. Daisies are kind of the flower of choice here at Coachella.


6. Sleeves for Days: These sleeves are definitely a statement maker. Simply take a bell-sleeved shirt and sew strips of long fabric along the sleeve. In case you want to cover up your stitches, you could use floral details or even rhinestones for some sparkle.


7. Distressed T-Shirt: A band t-shirt, a pair of scissors and a razor is all you need for this simple DIY. Cut small holes where you’d like them with the scissors and fray the edges with a razor until you get that perfect “oh, I wore holes into this naturally” kind of look. You can further up your shirt’s cool factor by acid-washing it.


8. Patch It Up: Here’s a classic DIY you can either use a needle and thread or an iron for — customize your look with patches. Seriously, this is a style that will never die. Pick some up from your fave band, thrift shop or from Etsy.

Are there any summer festival DIYs you did? Tweet us a pic @BritandCo!

(Photos via Brittany Griffin/Brit + Co)