With summer comes short sleeves, which means it’s time to show off some bracelets. There are so many styles out there that we love, but today we are focusing on cuffs. Not fisticuffs exactly… but these awesome jewels are worth fighting for ;) Here are 15 cool cuffs for you to rock.

1. House of Harlow Sun Flare Cuff ($58): Fashionable and basically badass. We can see this one having a great time at a Scorpions concert.

2. Volatus Leaf Cuff ($198): Put a leaf on it. A gold leaf that is. Your wrist will look dazzling with this great cuff from Anthropologie.

3. African Jasper Arc Bracelet ($90): Wearing minerals has never looked better.

4. Lucite Reversible Cuff ($195): This one claims to be reversible. Apparently you can spin the jewel around for a solid gold look. Speaking of solid gold, this bracelet could absolutely live on the wrist of one of the Solid Gold dancers. Remember that show? Amazing.

5. Eye Dazzler Cuff ($187): We’ll never get sick of triangles, especially when they look this awesome and minty. This one comes from Azalea, a classy San Francisco store. You know how we love SF!

6. Chevron Cuff ($28): Same goes for chevrons. We’ll never get enough. This one comes in multiples colors. Of course we like the mint here, too :)

7. Arena Cuff ($32): Bold, chunky and hip all at the same time. You can thank Madewell for this piece. That store never fails to pull through with the best jewelry.

8. Bold Cutout Stripes Cuff ($7): We LOVE that this cuff gives the illusion of stripes on your arm. So cool. That’s seven bucks well spent.

9. Wwake Stick Bracelet ($150): This cuff is gorgeous but it also looks a little dangerous. Take the advice of the dad from A Christmas Story and don’t poke your eye out.

10. Script Name Cuff ($180): Your name on your wrist, just in case you need a reminder. It’s like the Carrie necklace for your arm.

11. Red Lips Cuff ($585): The lip bone’s connected to the wrist bone in this case. And we like it. This one will cost you a pretty penny. But it’s sooo pretty…

12. Honeycomb Cuff ($720): Another beauty to wear on your wrist. It’s not made by bees, but this cuff will keep you buzzing. This bracelet is one of many incredible designs by the designer at MIRLO. Definitely check her out!

13. Adeline Cuff ($110): This one is so versatile, it goes with fancy attire or an old T-shirt.

14. Layered Sleek Cuff ($15): This one gives the bangled look but it’s just one cuff.

15. Glasses Bracelet ($78): Glasses are stylish, so why not wear some on your wrist? Your far-sighted wrist hairs will thank you.

Are you a cuff lover? Share your favorite cuffs with us in the comments!