When thinking about holiday style, we’re all about glitter and gold. We showed you how to glitter your oxfords, your heels, and your button downs, and now it’s time to go for the gold. For today’s holiday bling, our main star is a box of hex nuts from the hardware store. With just a few simple tools, we created a pair of gold studs, a bracelet, and a sweet statement necklace all using hex nuts!

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 – gold hex nuts

– gold wire

– gold chain

– gold earring posts + backs

– gold clasp

– jewelry glue (G-S Hypo Cement)

As always, start by gathering your materials. If you don’t have chain or clasps, head to your jewelry box and see if there’s any old necklace that could use an update. Same goes for using any orphan stud earrings you might have.

For the earrings, simply glue a hex nut to each post, let dry, and you’re done.

Next, the bracelet. This could even work for a dude if he likes a little flair.

For the bracelet, use wire to attach hex nuts to each other. Then add a clasp! Best of all if you make it a size too big, you can easily take out a hex nut as needed.

Last, the necklace. This gorgeous piece definitely has something science-y about it, and we like it!

Lay your hex nuts out in a pattern you like. Use wire to attach nuts to each other, add a chain, and you’re done.

And yes, you can feel free to wear all these pieces at once. So festive!!

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