What good is going green without a little bit of gold? Create a wearable pot of gold by sprucing up boring ballet flats with a little help from your trusty can of gold spray paint.

 ballet flats

painter’s tape

gold spray paint

– plastic bags

If your flats have a bow or anything else decorative at the top, snip it off.

Tape off your shoe 2-3 inches from the top. Use a plastic bag to cover up the rest of your shoe and tape along the same line. Now, spray paint!

You may need to do a couple coats depending on what type of material your shoes are. Ours were a material similar to microsuede, making them slightly absorbent so we did two coats.

Let dry for at least 15 minutes, and then peel off the tape. Awesome!!

Repeat with as many shoes as you like, and feel free to experiment with different designs and what not.

Look at all those darling gold-tipped shoes drying in a row! Love it.

We might have to do this to all of our old flats. (P.S. We got these ones at H&M for $13 a pop!!)

What are your favorite ways to revive old shoes or other garments? Talk to us in the comments below.