We get why most of the world is still completely perplexed by Google Glass. Not only are they one of the most unwearable of wearables on the market today, but folks are still struggling to understand just what to do with the $1,500 high-tech head gear, besides walk around looking like a, ahem, Glasshole (Ohh, Jason Jones, that Daily Show segment was way harsh!). While we think there is a time and a place to be constantly connected, we’re still questioning exactly what that moment will look like. But it seems it was right under our noses all along! DIY-ers + beauty buffs, get ready for a Google Glass revelation. And be warned: It might make you actually want to try on a pair.

Haircare brand L’Oreal Matrix is using Google Glass to hack hair tutorials. In its Class for Glass video series, top stylists don the wearable that records every lock they curl and every portion they pin from their POV, all so that their prettified subjects can re-watch and recreate at home. Dare we say, that’s a genius move.

We all know how difficult it is to recreate a salon-styled look at home, especially those times when the excitement over your new ‘do muddles your hair dresser’s exacting steps. But if your stylist was wearing Google Glass, you could bounce out of his chair knowing that you had the ultimate hair how-to waiting for you in your inbox. Also, imagine the help it would be for stylists: You could email them hair inspiration that they could pull up and view as they dye your hair the most perfect shade of purple. Is there a #newhairdontcare selfie in order? We think so!

You can currently watch four of the five Class for Glass vids, which give you a peek at what the process could look like. The series features tips + tricks for perfecting glam updos, beach waves, low messy buns and hip ponytails, done on fashion + style influencers like Lindsay Calla from Saucy Glossie and Danielle and Jodie Snyder from Dannijo. And there’s a BIG chance that the ladies of Brit + Co will be up next for an in-house trial, ‘cause finally, we have something cool to do with our Glass!

(h/t Racked)