Google is everywhere. And sooner rather than later, it will also physically be in our pockets. According to a report fromThe Telegraph, Google is planning on releasing its own phone by the end of the year.


But if you’re saying, “Wait, I thought Google already had phones,” you’re kind of right. Although Google does not currently sell any hardware, the company’s operating system, Android, is everywhere. It’s what powers those Samsung and HTC phones. Plus, Google has already ventured into laptop and tablet territory, so a phone wouldn’t be that far of a stretch.

Apparently, Google’s main reason for venturing into manufacturing is control. Because the company currently only controls the Android operating system and not any of the devices, it can take months for system updates to reach users. Manufacturers can change settings and there is a lack of consistency across current Android devices. The company says that it will continue working with other manufacturers and the Android platform will still be available on non-Google phones.

However, according to a dissenting article from The Verge, it is unlikely that we will see Google phones until 2017. The phone we may see before the end of the year is more likely a collaboration between Nexus and Google. But no matter the premiere date, we’re staying tuned into Google news and wondering what life would be like on the Android system…

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(h/t The Telegraph)