Is that applause we hear? It should be, because we just discovered the ultimate gourmet cookie hack. In this day and age, a girl’s supposed to balance work, happy hour and cycling class, and then whip out the perfect dessert for this weekend’s party. Sometimes it just isn’t possible. Enter Krista’s Baking Co. This sweet genius solved all of our problems by boxing up the easiest cookie mixes ever to help you balance life and still make Martha Stewart look like a novice.


The boxes ship straight to your door, and we kid you not, each mix is a total breeze. You’ll go from opening the package to pulling out some decadent-smelling baked goods from the oven in just 20 minutes flat. According to Krista, “These are for you; you busy mom, amazing dad, independent woman, charming boyfriend and caring friend. Some may say you can’t boil water, but this is your chance to prove them wrong.” And prove them wrong you will.


Krista’s Baking Co delivers cookie mixes that are classic with a serious twist: We’re talking vegan gingersnaps complete with a real tub of molasses, salted espresso chocolate chip or just plain old snickerdoodles (with seriously the BEST organic cinnamon sugar ever). As if that wasn’t enough, you can even get your hands on seasonal favorites like this summer’s lavender sugar cookie. Hello, fancy!

The boxes come with pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step directions that you can check off as you go (read: foolproof). For most of the mixes, you just need a stick of butter and an egg from your pantry, and the rest is totally ready to go. Even more genius? Instead of messing with a cumbersome mixer, the recipes all call for melted butter. You just take the packaged sugars, mix them with the melted butter, then add in everything else and voilá! You’re ready to pop ’em in the oven. Don’t forget to sprinkle on a dash of the artisanal salts and sugars included (major shoutout to the coffee flake salt on the chocolate chip cookies). Get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the gourmet scent wafting from your oven as your guests arrive and declare you Queen of Cookies.

So what do you think? Did these cookies just save you a day of kitchen disasters and transform you into hostess extraordinaire?