Spring just began, which means summer and all its fab home decor collections are not far behind. First up on the list: IKEA’s SOMMAR collection that’s as dreamy as you’d expect. The aesthetic behind this new line takes advantage of the adventures available in your own town and creates dreamy outdoor spaces in local neighborhoods. It includes everything from kitchenwares to textiles, decor and outdoor entertaining items — all perfect for IKEA hacking, of course. The color palette hits the right coastal tones, and new signature patterns can be seen on everything from throw pillows to napkins to yards of fabric. Get your sunscreen ready and scroll down for a few of our faves, along with hacks for each and every one.


1. DIY Apron: Whether you’re tackling Mom’s legendary recipes or trying something you found on Pinterest, your phone is probably your most valuable kitchen appliance. Hack IKEA’s SOMMAR Apron ($7) by adding a secret (waterproof!) phone pocket to your apron. Add a hole for your headphones so you can call your BFF or rock out to music while you dance around the kitchen. (via Brit + Co)

IKEA pillow hack

2. DIY Painted Stripe Cushion Cover: Get the same watercolor vibes as IKEA’s SOMMAR Cushion ($8) with this super easy DIY. Pick your favorite color, apply paint to the paint roller and just roll it right onto your cushion. Don’t worry about it looking “perfect” — the more ragged the stripes, the more like watercolor it will look. (via Make and Tell)


3. DIY Tote Bag: Get the same cool nautical stripes as IKEA’s SOMMAR Beach Bag ($10), but with a sassy, Reese Witherspoon-inspired addition. Up your beach game this summer with a tote bag you made yourself, and y’all will be getting compliments all day long. (via Brit + Co)


4. DIY Outdoor Cushions: You know how much fun throw pillows are in your living room, so take the party outside too. Create your own weather-proof outdoor pillows to deck out your porch with your favorite colors and fabrics. Hack IKEA’s FLÖNG Cushion Cover ($4) by adding an envelope back so the cover is easy to remove and clean. (via A Beautiful Mess)


5. DIY Paper Lantern: Get out your decoupage and hack IKEA’s SOLVINDEN Pendant Light ($13) with a few layers of tissue paper. Go for a tropical theme with little green leaves, or cover the whole thing with polka dots. This inexpensive DIY is perfect for sprucing up your outdoor space during your themed parties this summer. (via Historias de Casa)


6. DIY Shower Curtain: Copy IKEA’s SOMMAR Shower Curtain ($8) pattern with a few strips of tape and a can or two of spray paint. If updating your hardware is out of your budget, a colorful new shower curtain is another way to make over your bathroom for under $10. (via Brit + Co)


7. DIY Monochrome Jute Rug: If you’re looking for a bold pattern to invite guests into your home, take a cue from IKEA’s SOMMAR Door Mat ($7) and paint a plain mat with a geometric pattern. Stick with stripes, or go all out with chevron and triangles. (via Super + Super)


8. DIY Neon Polka Dot Tea Towels: Doing dishes is never fun, but you can at least make the chore a bit more enjoyable with a pretty dish towel or two. Hack IKEA’s SOMMAR Dish Towel ($5), and get the same cheery colors in your kitchen with this easy polka dot DIY project. (via Oh My! Handmade)


9. DIY Rope Basket: Once that warm weather hits, you’re going to want to take your entertaining outside STAT. If you love the look of IKEA’s handmade SOMMAR Bread Basket ($5), you can hack the same vibe with this color-dipped DIY version. (via Brit + Co)

How fun are these new IKEA hacks? If you’re looking for more DIY decor projects, follow us on Pinterest for more tips and ideas.