If there was one small thing you could makeover in your bathroom, what would it be? We’ve all been stuck with an unfortunate bathroom at least once in our lives — wishing, hoping, praying that there was a way to make it better. Well, turns out… there are lots of ways to make it better. From customizing a plain old shower curtain (steps below!) to picking out a color scheme that fits your home, we’ve teamed up with Lowe’s to bring you one-stop-shopping bathroom makeover inspiration.

Read on to check out our favorite Lowe’s finds. And if you’re hoping to give your bathroom a makeover in the near future, we’d love to help you out! Give us a shout in the comments below with your design questions, and please send photos to @britandco via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and Brit will happily suggest all sorts of tips and tricks for improving your space.

Now, onto 17 awesome ideas for tricking out your bathroom, powered by Lowe’s!

1. DIY Shower Curtain: Your shower curtain sets the tone instantly in your bathroom. It has the power to create an entire mood, so why not create (or hack) it yourself?! We took this basic white shower curtain and added a riot of springy stripes to it.


– painter’s tape

– Valspar Outdoor Spray Paint (we chose aqua, yellow and lime green)

– shower curtain


1. Use painter’s tape to create your design. We went with stripes that get thinner as you go up.

2. For the color scheme, we wanted to create a sort of watercolor-inspired ombre look.

3. Spray paint starting with the darkest color on the bottom and moving up to the lightest one.

4. Let dry, then peel off your tape. That’s it!

Naturally, we had to show you what it might look like in context… but we simply don’t have a tub in the office. What’s a DIY-er to do? Create a faux bathroom in the kitchen, of course! ;)

2. allen + roth Colors by Valspar ($35): There’s a reason people yammer on about how “it’s amazing what a coat of paint will do.” Because it truly is. And thanks to a collaboration between allen + roth and Valspar, there are plenty of hues out there that will definitely be approved by you. Shown here are Golden Coast and Morning Jog — invigorating, eh?

3. White Cotton Bath Towel ($16): If you’re as guilty as we are when it comes to using your bath towels until they are practically rags, then one quick and easy way to spruce up your bathroom is simply by getting new towels. The subway-tile design is always a winner, as is white. Just remember to use dark colored towels for makeup removal. Mascara likes to hang on to all those fibers no matter how hard you ask it to let go.

4. Mixed Materials Clothes Hamper ($44): Whether your bathroom doubles as your laundry room or not, it is where you disrobe on the regular. Keep it tidy with a color-popping hamper with sleek stylings and embossed exteriors for a touch of texture.

5. allen + roth Ketterton Casual Bathroom Vanity ($414): Don’t have the best built-in storage in your bathroom? Go for one of these vintage-inspired vanities!

6. Colonial Mills Plastic Basket ($85): Until you’re ready to do a major bathroom overhaul, with lots of built-in shelving and cupboards, baskets are the way to go. Colonial Mills makes loads of them in loads of color. And since they’re made with plastic, they’re easy to clean and sanitize.

7. Recycled Light Blue Green Glass Mosaic Wall Tile ($9 per square foot): Tiling, it takes a kitchen or bathroom to the next level. And if you’re willing to get down and dirty with this easy-to-install mosaic around your bathtub or in your shower, your home will be that much closer to being featured in Dwell.

8. DIY Bathroom Drawer Organizer: A happy bathroom is an organized bathroom. And here’s something you can make even if you’ve never used a power tool in your entire life. (via Lowe’s)

9. White Cast Iron Hourglass Claw Foot Tub ($3,120): Alright, so this might involve a remodel rather than a revamp, but a girl can dream can’t she?

10. Bathtub Caddy: If you’re going big by installing that claw-foot tub or if you already have a tub, you’d soak in the thing a whole lot more if you had somewhere to set your scrubs, your book and your glass of wine. (via Lowe’s)

11. Nameeks Giotto Orange Rubber Bath Mat ($47): Please don’t tell us that you’re getting out of the shower and dripping all over the floor. No seriously, don’t tell us. Just buy this mat. It will make your mornings so much better. We promise.

12. allen + roth Aqua Bath Rug ($15): Likewise, if you’re putting on your makeup in barefeet standing on cold tile, put a rug under those tootsies already.

13. allen + roth Yellow Glass Vase ($20): Vases are one of the easiest ways to add a pop of color or a point of interest to any room… including your bathroom.

14. DIY Ladder Shelf: Need a place to put all those new towels and vases? Here’s a weekend project that’s ready for you to tackle. (via Lowe’s)

15. Polished Chrome Vanity Light ($110): You’re never going to perfect that cat eye without some decent lighting. When you’re not glamming yourself out, the ribbed milk glass emits strong spa vibes into your relaxation routine.

16. Black Picture Frame ($25): A gallery wall in your bathroom? Yes you can. (And yes, you should.)

17. Ceramic Square Plate Set ($77): Jewelry, nail polishes, hair ties — you’ve got plenty of things that need containing. These colorful little guys are here to help.

Show us why your bathroom is in need of some love, and if yours is chosen, we’ll come up with a design plan just for you! Be sure to send photos to @britandco via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or leave us a note in the comments below.

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