We love a good seasonal statement piece as much as anyone, but we’re also big fans of utilizing all of our accessories as much as we can. With Halloween right around the corner, we’ve been stockpiling all of our spooky-chic favorites. The best part? These pieces are totally versatile and appropriate to wear any time of the year.

Halloween Accessories Vampire Ring

1. Baby Vamp Ring Set ($195+): These dainty chompers aren’t just for October 31. Split the pair between you and a friend and rock these edgy midi rings all year long.

Halloween Moon Earrings

2. Star Ear Jacket Set ($5): Say hello to minimalist ear jackets that can be worn any time of the year. The crescent moons add a wonderfully witchy touch in October.

Halloween Black Cat Flats

3. Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat ($495): It’s your favorite Halloween mascot in velvet flat form. We’re starting a cat flats club as we type!

Halloween Friendly Ghost Necklace

4. Friendly Ghost Charm Necklace Duo ($25): These two adorable charms can be worn together or split between you and your ghoulish gal pal.

Halloween Hand Pin

5. Hand Climber Earring ($10): Is it just us, or is this edgy earring totally channeling Thing from The Addams Family?

Halloween Accessories Skull Ring

6. Tiny Skull Ring ($48): This little skull ring is a great way to add some edge to your jewelry collection, yet it’s simple enough for everyday wear.

Moon Hair Pin

7. Moon Hair Clip ($4): Here’s a celestial-inspired clip that can be added to a Halloween costume or just worn throughout the year for a laid back half-up look.

Halloween Bat Ring

8. Flying Bat Ring ($150): You don’t have to wait until October to don this creepy critter ring. We’d rock this 14-karat gold midi ring year round.

Halloween Spider Earrings

9. Charlotte’s Web Stud ($340): Even if you’re scared of spiders (we totally don’t blame you), you can’t deny that these chic cobweb studs would be a welcome addition to your earring collection. No creepy crawlies included!

Halloween Moon Necklace

10. What a Crescent Surprise Necklace ($20): This eye-catching accessory works with a tank top and jeans or your witchiest little black dress.

Halloween Pins

11. Explorer’s Press Pins ($5 each): We’re all about expanding our pin collection, and we’d proudly display our love for the supernatural on our totes and denim jackets.

Moon Necklace

12. Under This Moon Personalized Necklace ($41): Wear your love for all things lunar with this customizable moon necklace. Simply send along the date you’d like to commemorate and your necklace will include the phase of the moon on that date, along with a personalized inscription on the back.

Moonlight Necklace

13. Moonlight Necklace ($58): Abalone is believed to increase strength in relationships — we love the look and meaning behind this special piece.

Kate Spade Watch

14. Kate Spade Cat’s Meow Watch ($195): Cats are always in style, but this black pavé watch with golden eyes make it a go-to accessory for Halloween and any other time of the year.

Evil Eye Necklace

15. Sapphire Seer Necklace ($48): The evil eye is said to bring good luck to those who wear it, and bad luck to those who wish ill will upon others. If this isn’t applicable for every day of the year, then we don’t know what is.

Dr. Jekyll Bangle

16. Dr. Jekyll Onyx Bangle Bracelet ($60): This dark little bangle is versatile enough to stack with your other bracelets, or you could rock it alone.

Spider Earrings

17. Tiny Spider Studs ($170): We’re all a little afraid of those eight-legged creatures, but somehow these 14-karat cuties don’t seem to bother us. We’d wear them almost every day.

Which spooky accessory is your favorite? Share in the comments!